Luke attacks Ben in shocking EastEnders scenes

Ben's in danger when his spurned lover won't take no for an answer

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Ben Mitchell’s controversial romance with Luke Browning has already caused all sorts of trouble with his family.

After all, Luke’s the son of the man who raped Ben’s mum, Kathy, so it’s hardly surprising the Beales aren’t too happy to see Ben getting cosy with the enemy.

But so far, Ben’s not been put off by other people’s opinions and has carried on seeing charming Luke.

Luke sends Ben a fancy car to win his affection (Credit: BBC)

But his boyfriend is beginning to show his true colours and, though we can’t give too much away, we can reveal that by next week, Ben’s decided enough is enough and called a halt to their romance.

When Ben says no, Luke gets physical (Credit: BBC)

But Luke’s not one to take no for an answer (he obviously takes after his nasty dad in more ways than we thought).

He even sends Ben a fancy sports car as a gift to try to woo him back.

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Things get nasty (Credit: BBC)

Ben’s not interested, even though Jay tries to talk him into keeping the flash motor. And Mr Mitchell stays determined when Luke turns up at the Arches to try to talk him round.

Luke’s just like his horrible dad (Credit: BBC)

But when Ben refuses to budge, Luke turns nasty and starts to attack his ex, violently beating him up.

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Will Ben defend himself (Credit: BBC)

Will Ben fight back? And will he be okay?

The shocking attack scenes are on BBC1 on Friday, December 1.

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