Luisa Zissman praised by fans as reality star admits she “hates growing babies”

She likes the giving birth bit!

Luisa Zissman is getting honest about her pregnancy.

The former Apprentice contestant, who is married to Andrew Collins, shocked fans when she announced that she was expecting just 11 months after giving birth.

But it seems that despite the fact she “adores” giving birth, the pregnancy part really doesn’t agree with her.

Luisa said she “hates growing babies”.

We LOVE her honesty.

In an Instagram pot addressing her 432,000 followers, she wrote: “Feeling sick in bed with Ellie…. hate growing babies literally don’t enjoy anything about pregnancy 😩🙈 it goes on FOREVER too, I mean feels like I’ve got ages 😩😩😩 shouldn’t moan I know but it’s no fun, thank god I adore giving birth 😂 #pregnant #miserable #sicky”.

Luisa has seven-year-old Dixie Lola Zissman with ex-husband Oliver Zissman, and 11-month-old Indigo Esme Collins with husband Andrew.

Her fans couldn’t wait to praise her, with many also agreeing with her.

One said: “I’ve just had my second girl and hated every second of being pregnant!”

Another added: “I’m the same. Hate everything about the pregnancy.”

A third said: “I am so glad I’m not alone in this, I’m 19 weeks and I’ve hated every second of being pregnant so far, I’ve been so poorly all the way through and it puts such a big downer on the whole thing. I feel your struggle x”.

Earlier in the month Luisa sparked a parenting debate after posting about plans to enjoy a blissful child-free holiday following the birth of her third child.

The 30-year-old uploaded a dreamy photo of a tropical destination alongside the caption: “The one thing getting me through this pregnancy is going here next year child free!! Please time hurry up. Bring back the skinny and the cocktails.”

One fan predicted Luisa was going to get some flak for the “child free” remark, to which she agreed, saying: “I know. I don’t care live for the child-free time with my hubbie! Bye babies!”

And that fan was right, as some followers didn’t agree with Luisa’s plans to enjoy a child-free vacation, or comments about pregnancy.

One wrote: “Why are you already wanting to leave your baby I don’t get that.”

Another said: “A lot of women can’t get pregnant… this may hurt a lot of women’s feelings. The holiday is definitely something to look forward too… but embrace your pregnancy & getting fat, you’re lucky enough to carry a baby!!”

A third said: “You’re having a baby, it’s not a life sentence… negative, some would question why you are bothering to have another.”

Luisa, however, was quick to defend herself, saying: “Just because I don’t like being pregnant doesn’t mean I don’t like the baby afterwards.

“Also I go on around prob 6 family holidays a year. One holiday child-free with my hubbie is something to look forward to and again a week away from them hardly warrants a comment of “what’s the point in having kids?”

“I don’t have a nanny, I’m always with my little ones. But defo love bedtime and relaxing and adore my break with my hubbie.”

She also told one follower: “I don’t understand couples who don’t want to spend time alone! I always think there is something wrong with their marriage!”

Luisa received plenty of support from fellow mums who agreed with her about the importance of enjoying time away from their children.

One said: “It’s not about wanting to leave your babies, it’s about wanting to remember that you’re still a person, still a wife. Not just a mother! Mothers can embrace parenthood and crave child free space all at the same time! They’re human! The holiday looks amazing. You’ll have an amazing time.”

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