Lucy Mecklenburgh vents frustration after baby son suffered from tongue-tie

She said her baby boy is better now his condition has been sorted

New mum Lucy Mecklenburgh voiced her frustration after discovering her baby son Roman had tongue-tie and a dairy intolerance.

The star said she found out her little boy, who was born in March, also has a cows milk protein intolerance.

Lucy revealed Roman suffered from “reflux and colic symptoms”.

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Lucy Mecklenburgh has a cows milk protein intolerance (Credit: Instagram)

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She explained that Roman was eight weeks old when she was told he had a cows milk intolerance.

“So that means I can’t have any dairy products, so anything with cows milk in… and I can’t have soy either.

“I’m really struggling… I’m missing chocolate bars, I’m missing pizza, I’m missing ice cream.”

In another lengthy post, Lucy explained about her son’s tongue-tie.

Lucy Mecklenburgh son
Lucy said she knew something was wrong with Roman (Credit: Instagram)

What did she say?

Lucy wrote: “People asking how I knew Roman had something wrong with him.

“He had all the reflux and colic symptoms,” before listing all the symptoms Roman had.

These included vomiting, choking, gagging and straining.

She continued: “The list could go on!!

“Roman was gaining weight and seemed to breast feed okay as he always latched well with no pain for me.

“So tongue-tie was disregarded.”

Lucy has her baby boy with her fiancé Ryan Thomas (Credit:

Lucy was told to give her son gaviscon, however, she “threw it in the bin”.

She added: “I used my mother’s instinct to seek help from a feeding consultant who led me to a tongue-tie specialist then an allergy doctor.

“I knew something was wrong with my baby! And I was RIGHT! It infuriates me it took 8-9 weeks of him in pain to get answers.

“I was RIGHT!”

“Why isn’t tongue-tie checked before you leave hospital! I was in for five days! Why would no-one check? Or why is no-one qualified to check?”

In another post, she said: “The thing that made me the most angry is being told as he was gaining weight there wasn’t a problem!!!

“I was made to feel stupid!”

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Lucy said her had his tongue-tie cut (Credit: Instagram)

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Meanwhile, Lucy shared a series of videos to her Instagram on Thursday morning as she woke up and Roman.

She said: “A lot of you asking what [happened] when Roman got his tongue cut.

“It changed everything.

“It meant that he could get some sleep, I could get some sleep.”

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