Lucy Mecklenburgh in tears over Ryan Thomas’ CBB “hell”

She even wanted to "get him out" of the house

Tearful Lucy Mecklenburgh has described her boyfriend Ryan Thomas’ Celebrity Big Brother experience as “hell”.

Lucy, 27, spoke out as the ‘punch’ storm in the CBB house reached fever pitch, with Ryan himself spending most of Saturday night’s episode crying.

Instagram @lucymeck1
Lucy Mecklenburgh has been in tears watching her boyfriend Ryan Thomas in CBB (Credit: Instagram/ @lucymeck1)

Taking to Instagram, she shared a picture of herself and her man and told fans she has been desperate to pull him out of the house.

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Explaining that the picture was taken in May 2017 when they “fell in love”, Lucy said: “It’s been the hardest couple of days.

“Watching the person u love go through hell. It’s been extremely upsetting and uncomfortable to watch.

“I still can’t imagine how painful this all must have been for him, I really can’t.”

ryan-thomas-and-lucy-mecklenburgh in Mykonos
The former TOWIE star described her boyfriend’s CBB experience as “hell” (Credit: Instagram/ @lucymeck1)

Lucy added: “I’m trying not to to be honest as every time I do I burst into tears and want to get into my car to drive to Elstree to get him out!!

“But finally it’s over. Thank you for all the kind supportive messages u have sent me and Ryan’s family.”

Appearing to issue a warning to Roxanne Pallett, who had accused Ryan of ‘punching’ her, Lucy finished her message with: “P.S Karma 😏.”

Ryan spent a lot of Saturday night’s CBB crying (Credit: C5)

Last night, viewers watched agog as the drama between Roxanne and Ryan and the alleged incident spiralled out of control.

Roxanne was seen taking Dan Osborne and Jermaine Pennant to one side before demonstrating on Ben Jardine what she believed Ryan did to her.

However, while in the Diary Room, Dan was told by Big Brother to think about why Ryan had not been removed from the house.

Ryan Thomas and Roxanne Pallett
The ‘punch’ incident was first shown on Thursday’s show (Credit: C5)

Ryan broke down in tears several times during the episode, including when he heard the crowd chanting, “Get Roxy out!” during Ben’s eviction.

However that time, it was tears of relief. Roxanne was then seen telling Big Brother she wanted to leave, before housemates were told she had quit the show.

Instagram @scottyspecial
Ryan’s brothers, Scott and Adam, have struggled to watch CBB too (Credit: Instagram/ @scottyspecial)

Along with Lucy, Ryan’s family had also struggled to watch the episode – including his mum.

Brother Adam tweeted: “Sad thing is this is entertainment to some people.

“I’ve just had my mum in bits crying about her little boy that’s the sad truth!”

Adam’s twin Scott, meanwhile, added: “Actually got me in tears all this. So happy Ryan got to hear those chants.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive Roxanne for what’s she’s done to my big brother…ever.”

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