Love Island’s Tyla branded a homewrecker for dating married man

In fairness, she did say it was wrong...

As Love Island goes from strength to strength, the nation is falling more and more in love with the stars of the show.

Well, some of them anyway!

The other night Tyla was among the three of the least popular girl villa mates following a viewer vote.

Tyler revealed that she was dating a married man (credit: ITV)

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But in spite of that, viewers have been slowly beginning to like her as it becomes clear that her feelings for dopey Jonny are more than likely real.

However, last night, the pretty brunette fell foul of viewers when she revealed that she had once been in a relationship with a married man.

Well, we say relationship…

Chatting to Island newbie Theo, Tyla explained that she had once been a ‘side chick’ (a modern day way of saying a ‘bit on the side’) but admitted that she’d actually shared the fella with not only his wife but also another girlfriend he had in tow, making her, as Theo described, a “side-side chick”.

Theo joked that because she was dating a married man with a wife and another girlfriend, Tyla was a “side-side” chick (Credit: ITV)

Clearly uncomfortable about her dubious past relationship, Theo was fast to reassure her that “there’s nothing wrong with being the side chick.’

But Tyla was honest enough to admit that “What do you mean there is nothing wrong being a side chick? Of course there is something wrong with being a side chick.”

However, Theo joshed that he actually liked being a “side chick” himself, explaining that “you get all the fun and none of the stress.”

Theo said he didn’t think being a side chick was all that bad, although Tyla disagreed. (credit: ITV)

Er… WARNING signal, anyone?

But in spite of Theo admitting he liked to be ‘the other man’ viewers instead blasted Tyla.

One raged: “SO TYLA IS A PROFESSIONAL HOME WRECKER”, while another seethed:  “Tyla just openly and proudly admitted to seeing a married man. when can we deport this bitch off the island.”

A third pointed out: “OMG it just occurred to me that Tyla probe met the married man she dated through her ‘nannying’.”

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Meanwhile other viewers found it amusing that while Tyla was telling her date Theo about her time with a married man, brainbox Camilla was chatting to her suitor, Jamie, about books.

One said: “Camilla’s discussing her favourite books and Tyla’s discussing dating a married man, says it all.”

A second said: “Makes me crease how Tyla is sat talking about shagging a married man while Camilla’s talking about reading. A different class.”