Love Island’s Olivia responds to Katie Price’s comments about making Chris her next husband

The glamour model has fallen for his peepers

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We love Katie Price for a number reasons.

Not only has she made very little go a long way, she’s outspoken and she loves to dress up in ridiculous outfits.

But we also like her because she has impeccable taste in men.

Just look at her past suitors – Gareth Gates, Peter Andre, Dane Bowers – and you’ll see she’s got a great eye for a handsome fella.

The latest boy on her radar is the gorgeous Love Island star Chris Hughes – the one who apparently needed extra large condoms in the villa…

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Just last week Katie announced on Loose Women that she wanted to marry the Cheltenham-born fella.

Er, Katie, have you forgotten about Kieran? You know, your husband?

Apparently not.

“Chris on Love Island is going to be my next husband,” she declared on the show, adding swiftly, “I’m in love with Kieran and he’s perfect. I’m just looking at everything at the minute.

“Kieran laughs it off but I’m like, ‘I don’t know why you’re laughing Kieran he’s going to be good with the sheep…”‘

Katie says she wants to marry Chris (Credit: ITV)

As soon as the Love Island gang had touched down on British soil, Olivia had heard whispers that the glamour superstar had her eye on her delicious man.

And she’s definitely wary!

“I love Katie Price,” she said when asked about comparisons to her. “Although she has said she’s going to steal my man!”

Olivia says she likes Katie but is wary that she has her eye on her man (Credit; ITV)

Although she didn’t say she’d have a cat fight with her to keep Chris to herself, she did admit she was flattered that people thought she and Chris could be the next Katie and Peter.

“It’s not something we’ve openly talked about, but we’re open to anything,” she said.

“I thought Katie and Peter were great in their heyday, the reality dream, so I’ll take [the comparison] as a compliment.” Me-ow!

Meanwhile, now they are back home, Chris and Olivia intend to get to know each other a little better.

Back home, Olivia plans to visit Chris’s family in Cheltenham (Credit: ITV)

Although she lives in Guildford and Chris in Cheltenham, she is happily planning to stay on his family’s farm.

“I think we’re going to have a little farm visit soon,” she said.

“I’m looking forward to that. I actually like the countryside and animals… but I don’t want to be up close and personal with any animals. I’m looking forward to seeing where Chris grew up.”

Chris and Olivia have hit back at Piers Morgan who hates the show (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile the smitten kittens have also hit back at telly grump Piers Morgan, who has consistently slated Love Island.

“I don’t know anyone who likes him. I swear to God,” Chris said, while Olivia added: “You can suck the enjoyment out of everything in life.

“It’s a bit of fun, it’s summer and we’re young.

“Just get over it Piers.”