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Love Island’s Olivia Attwood opens up about receiving daily death threats

The star revealed her family had also received a large amount of abuse while she was in the villa

Love Island’s Olivia Attwood has opened up about receiving death threats on a daily basis from online trolls.

During her stint on the ITV2 romance series Olivia, 26, divided viewers following her explosive outbursts and her rocky romance with fellow islander Chris Hughes – who was a favourite with viewers.

Now outside of the villa the blonde beauty has revealed jealous trolls have flooded her social media with disgusting abuse.

Olivia revealed she’s been receiving death threats on a daily basis (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Liv spoke about her ordeal during an appearance on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire and admitted some of the comments she received were too upsetting to repeat.

She revealed that a lot of the abuse was aimed specifically at her family.

The star explained: “Unfortunately a lot of the abuse was directed at my family, obviously because I was in the bubble of Love Island.

“Since I’ve come out, its all been online, a lot I couldn’t repeat on breakfast television.

“It’s pretty severe. It’s death threats, it’s personal comments, it’s quite extreme.”

She continued: “There’s not specific reasons [why people send the messages], I think people watch the show and feel like they know you from watching a certain hour and then they want to express how they feel to you.

Chris and Olivia’s romance has gone from strength to strength on the outside (Credit: Instagram)

“Because they are hiding behind a keyboard they’re able to get that really severe opinion across which they believe there are no consequences to, which often there aren’t.”

Olivia went on to say that she’s putting on a brave face and is trying not to let the horrific comments get to her.

She added: “I made a conscious effort to try not let it affect me and I went into this industry with my eyes wide open.

“Unfortunately before I went into this industry, I was warned that this is something that I would have to deal with and I’m not the only cast member that has faced this.

“I think that’s so sad that you go work in the public eye and you’re warned that you will have to tolerate this kind of behaviour. It’s an issue that we have normalised.”

But the star hasn’t just received online abuse since leaving the villa.

Olivia and Chris had a rocky relationship during their time in the villa (Credit: ITV)

Liv explained that during some of the controversial points in the show fans were “bombarding” her social media accounts, which were being run by her friends at home, with awful comments.

During an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live Olivia said: “At controversial points in the show, people were bombarding with personal comments and death threats.

“It was shocking. We were living in isolation and it was more upsetting to see the effect it had on my family, they had to read all that stuff.”

Back in July Olivia left the villa hand-in-hand with boyfriend Chris.

Over the past few weeks there has been much speculation after Liv was spotted with footballer Bradley Deck outside Faces nightclub in Essex.

Rumours then started after sources claimed that Chris and Liv had split as he was left “heartbroken” to “see her all over someone else”.

But Liv’s rep was quick to hit back and put the rumours to bed.

They told the MailOnline: “This is a non story. Olivia bumped into several friends she’d not seen for ages on a night out.

The pair have spoken about having children and tying the knot in the future (Credit: FameFlynet)

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“She went home to her house where her boyfriend Chris met her following his night out.”

And the couple have proved that their relationship is stronger than ever with Chris admitting he can see himself putting a ring on Liv’s finger in the future.

The country lad told the Daily Star: “I honestly think Liv and I will marry. We’ve already spoken about the place, we are both ready to do it. I swear on my life!”

He went on to reveal that since leaving the villa they have been inseparable.

Chris continued: “I’ve been sleeping over hers all the time but we will get a bigger place at some point – we’ll need one for the kids.”

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