Love Island’s Jonny Mitchell puts Piers Morgan in his place on Good Morning Britain

The romancer had his general knowledge tested

Whatever you do, don’t slate Love Island stars or fans of the show will take you to task.

That’s what Piers Morgan discovered this morning when he came face to face with recent evictee Jonny Mitchell and was rude to him.

A self-confesssed hater of the show, the mouthy breakfast host irritated fans when he took pleasure in poking fun at the blinking romancer.

Piers Morgan has said he is no fan of Love Island (Credit: ITV)

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But Piers’s disdain for the show was illustrated from the top of the segment when Susanna described Love Island as the most popular show in the country, to which he snapped: “No it’s not. It gets ten percent of what Coronation Street gets [in terms of ratings].”

But once the interview kicked off, Piers didn’t hesitate in interrupting Susanna’s questions about the show to put Jonny on the spot with a series of general knowledge questions.

Jonny gallantly held his own as Piers bombarded him with questions (Credit: ITV)

First up he asked Jonny:  “What is 11 x 15?”, to which the bewildered hunk hastily replied, “Maths isn’t my strong point, don’t put me on the spot like that.”

When Jonny said “160” Piers said, “Near enough it’s “165”!

The presenter then asked: “Who is the Chancellor of Germany?”

An uncomfortable Jonny actually got the answer right and then when Piers asked a geometry question said, “Alright, come on let’s move on.”

When the former newspaper editor asked him if the show was full of  “dimwits”, Jonny jumped to the show’s defence and said it was for twenty-somethings and that it wouldn’t appeal to everyone.

Piers suggested the island was full of “dimwits”(Credit: ITV)

However, to save face Piers added that his kids loved the show and that they’d be in awe of him, to which Jonny got his own back by saying: “Well the show is for young people – no offence Piers.!”

But even though Jonny held his own really well, Love Island fans, who had tuned into the show to see their favourite hunk, were furious with Piers’s line of questioning.

One raged: “What a shame Piers has to try and humiliate him!”, while another said: “Piers Morgan is even more obnoxious and condescending than usual today. Shut up, man.”

Jonny said the show was for young people (Credit: ITV)

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Other viewers urged Piers to lay off the Love Island hunk, saying; “Piers was so rude to Jonny – leave him alone. Some guys don’t need brains to be attractive. Feeling jealous much?!”, while another seethed: “That was disgusting what Piers Morgan said about the guy from Love Island.”

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