Love Island’s Dom storms out as he hears rumours Jess has bedded Mike

He does NOT take the news well

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Oh dear it was never going to end happily, was it?

When Love Island’s Jess Shears got booted off the show the same night as girl fave Mike Thalassit, we had a feeling things might develop.

On the night of their eviction, Jess and Mike were overheard saying they would spend the night together.

This came after Dom told her he would stay true to her.

However, she had given him a clue saying that there was the potential that he could fall for a hotter gal.

Jess was evicted, but Dom said he would stay true to her (credit: ITV)

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If that wasn’t enough Marcel then speaks to his Blazin’ Squad bandmates (remember he was in a band?), who also tell him that the rumours are all over the net.

Marcel hears that Jess may have got with Mike (credit: ITV)

“There is a story floating – there is a big rumour about her and Mike,” Chris McKeckney and Oliver Georgiou tell their old bandmate.

When Dom hears the news, he flips his lid.

Dpm is heartbroken when he hears that Jess may have got with Mike (credit: ITV)

“I know it was real, I was true to her and I thought it was special,” he tells Marcel, once he’s calmed down.

“If she’s done what she’s done it clearly wasn’t as special to her.”

Meanwhile, Jessica has hit back at the rumours and told her fans “not to believe everything you read”.

Out of the villa Mike and Jess looked pretty chummy but Jess says all is not what it seems (credit: Instagram)

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And if you want to know the truth then watch Aftersun tonight when Jess will reveal what really happened with Mike.