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Love Island winner Amber Gill CONFIRMS she has a new boyfriend and is ‘really happy’

He's just her type on paper!

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Love Island 2019 winner Amber Gill has exclusively revealed that she’s got a new boyfriend.

Yes, it appears Amber has found someone who is just her type on paper.

And, not only that, she told Entertainment Daily that she’s “happy, really happy” with the mystery man.

red carpet shot of amber gill
The gorgeous Amber Gill from Love Island has got a new man (Credit: Splash News)

Who is Love Island star Amber Gill’s new man?

Before Christmas, Amber was reported to be dating fitness model Jon Hosking.

He’s best friends with fellow Love Island alumni Josh Denzel.

However, Amber’s rep has confirmed that her mystery man is “most definitely not Jon”.

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Asked if she was “single and ready to mingle”, a giggling Amber revealed: “At the minute, no.

“I’m not saying anything else. I’m not single and ready to mingle, that’s all I’m saying,” she laughed.

Asked how she met someone in the middle of lockdown, Amber did divulge a few more details.

“It’s someone I’ve known from before, it’s not somebody I’ve known from lockdown onwards. But yes I’m happy, I’m really happy,” she revealed.

amber and greg on love island
Amber won 2019’s Love Island alongside Greg O’Shea (Credit: Shutterstock)

Men are intimidated by her no-nonsense persona

Her feisty no-nonsense demeanour in the Love Island villa earned Amber a legion of fans.

But are some men intimidated because she’s such a strong woman?

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“Definitely,” she told us.

It’s someone I’ve known from before, it’s not somebody I’ve known from lockdown onwards. But yes I’m happy, I’m really happy.

“But I like that, I think it’s a good thing, because you weed out the ones you don’t want anyway.

“If I am going to get with somebody then they need to be very confident and sure within themselves so it just means that the ones that are intimidated, they get found out quite quickly and I don’t waste my time.”

Amber gill exercising
Amber launched her new Amber Flexx fitness platform after lockdown say her ‘mental headspace’ change (Credit: Amber Flexx)

Love Island star Amber fat-shamed online

Amber recently hit the headlines after she was shockingly fat-shamed online.

The reality star revealed she’s lost around 15lb in weight – but not because of the trolls.

“The negative comments, they sort of come with it when you’ve got a platform,” Amber said.

“I think I weighed around 10 stone 1lb. It was mostly on TikTok and people were saying what the hell’s happened to you and I was like, I don’t know, what has happened?!

“I wasn’t wearing dresses or getting dressed up to go out, I was just chilling in my joggers so I had no idea. It wasn’t the nicest thing in the world to hear, I have to admit.

“I don’t think it’s right, I just think it’s going to happen. I don’t really let it bother me. If someone comments and says: ‘Oh you look ugly,’ it really doesn’t bother me that much.

Instead, she revealed she decided to start exercising after her diet and fitness meant her mental health took a downwards turn in lockdown.

“Lockdown got to me so much. It was living by myself, not being able to go out, not being the best cook in the world, and just eating was sort of the only excitement of the day.

“So I ended up putting on a load of weight and in turn my mental headspace was just not the same. I didn’t feel myself, I didn’t feel productive or motivated.

“And one day I turned around and said this is not you, you need to do something to help yourself, so I turned to exercise.”

As a result, she launched her new fitness platform, Amber Flexx.

“I thought I bet loads of girls are going through the same as me so I thought I’d put out a plan that I used to get myself in a better place. The weight loss was just a byproduct really.”

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Comments about her trip to Dubai

Amber also revealed that she was trolled – and lost a lot of social media followers – after attending a Black Lives Matter march.

Things got so bad, she deleted the Instagram app from her phone after receiving “hundreds” of hateful messages a day.

Responding to reports she lost 25,000 followers after her pre-Christmas trip to Dubai, Amber told us: “I don’t think I lost 25,000 followers – I think I would’ve noticed that.

“I can’t blame people for being upset, I’ve been frustrated with lockdown as well. It’s a really horrible, tough time. I can’t blame people for feeling some type of way.

“But I went before tier 4 restrictions actually came into play. So those comments don’t bother me, I totally understand, it’s such a tough year for everyone for a lot of different reasons.”

Black Lives Matter backlash

Amber then revealed the reaction to her social media support of the BLM movement.

“I definitely lost the most amount of followers when I went to the BLM protest, but I wasn’t upset about that because those aren’t the type of people that I even want on my platform.

“I was getting hundreds of messages every day when it was going on. That was tough.

“It was lockdown, I was trying to fight for what I felt was right and then not everyone, but there were a fair few people who were going against it.

“When it’s things like that and you feel so passionately about it you want to reply to everyone and say no no, come on please, think about it in this way, but you’d just spend forever dong that.

“So you just have to accept that they’ll never understand where you’re coming from or what you’re trying to achieve so just forget about it. You just can’t believe it’s happening.”

red carpet shot of amber gill
Amber said she’s ‘really happy’ with her new love interest (Credit: Splash News)

Looking to the future with her mystery man

So now she’s loved-up, will we see the pounds piling back on with all those cosy, romantic dinners for two?

Laughing, Amber revealed: “No, that’s not happening, definitely not.”

ED! quips that perhaps she could work off the calories in the bedroom.

Laughing hysterically, an embarrassed Amber screamed: “My face is going red!”

So when will Amber reveal her new man and go Instagram official with him?

“I don’t know when that’ll be happening,” she said coyly.

We guess it’s a case of watch this space…

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