LOVE ISLAND: Viewers thrilled as Camilla finally kisses Jonny!

The whole nation was over the moon by the tender smooch

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Everyone and their mother seems to be watching Love Island this week.

And it’s hardly surprising, as producers have come up this year with a diverse dream team of gorgeous and funny islanders.

And barely a week into this popular second series, we are beginning to see some couples getting closer who we think might actually work out.

And in last night’s episode, viewers were particularly tickled when classy Camilla Thurlow ended up kissing hunky Jonny Mitchell.

The nation have really got behind classy Camila (Instagram: ITV)

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Although it was part of a game of dare, viewers were on cloud nine when they finally locked lips, convinced it was the start of something special.

The weekend hadn’t begun too well for Camilla, as she had been put in the position of having to choose between Harley and Jonny in Friday’s eviction show.

The rest of the love mates were shocked when she decided to choose Jonny over the blonde beefcake, who she had grown close to over the first few days.

Camilla was distraught at having to choose between Harley and Jonny (Instagram: ITV)

Making the hard decision really took its toll on nice girl Camilla, who afterwards broke down and cried for hours.

The morning after the eviction, Camilla, who disposes of landmines for humanitarian charities, was still upset about the decision she had been forced to make and realised she had lost the person on the island who had helped her come out of her shell most.

“Without Harley the villa for me is just going to be a much harder place to be,” she admitted in the Love Hut.

Camilla was so upset at friend Harley having to leave the island that she was in tears for hours (Credit: ITV)

“But he really kindly said when he left to just keep going and I’ll definitely keep that in mind and try and do it justice.”

Later Cam and Jonny enjoyed a second date, and it wasn’t long before things started to develop between the pair of them.

Jonny and Camilla’s first date was considered a bit “cringe” by viewers. Their second was a lot better and sparks flew (Credit: ITV)

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Prince Harry’s ex said: “It was good to chat with Jonny and just get to know him a little bit more.

“It’s good to see how much we really have got in common.

“I feel happy when I’m talking to him. Last night obviously was hard but I feel like today will hopefully be fresh start.”

It wasn’t long before the other contestants began to think that the pair of them might have a romantic future.

Amber, for one, was convinced Jonny and Camilla could actually make a good couple.

“You know what? Strong contenders, I think,” she said. “You watch Camilla and Jonny. I’ve got my eye on them.”

During a game of dare, Jonny was egged on to snog Camilla (Credit: ITV)

However, while Camilla admitted to her pals that she was beginning to like Jonny, she insisted she wasn’t going to rush into anything fast!

“I don’t like sharing beds,” she told Amber. “Not with anyone though, just in general.

“He made me feel really comfortable because he was so respectful, well over on his side.

“I was literally edge hugging on my end. But since we spoke at breakfast this morning, I’m quite excited to get to know him a little bit.”

Amber, sensing that Camilla might be smitten, replied: “I haven’t seen you this smiley since we’ve been here. You’re glowing, you’re actually glowing.”

However, when asked if she planned to kiss Jonny in the future, coy Camilla responded: “I have no idea.”

The other islanders could sense there was something between Camilla and Jonny (Credit: ITV)

Olivia pushed further and asked: “If at this point he went to stick it on you, would you kiss him back?”

A red-faced Camilla blushed: “No. For me, it’s too soon.”

However, cut to a few hours later and Jonny is up and snogging Camilla as the islanders got down to a serious game of Dare.

And the nation was thrilled the couple had finally got it on.

When Jonny planted a kiss on Camilla’s lips, viewers were thrilled. (Credit: ITV)

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One fan gushed: “Why am I sitting here smiling at love island, because Camilla is getting a kiss, I feel like her mum.”

Another tickled viewer commented: “seeing Camilla snog was like Love Island winning the world cup.”

A third emotional fan posted a meme of Will Smith getting excited with the words: “The whole of Twitter when Camilla got her kiss.”

Of course, it’s still early days, so who knows if Jonny and Camilla will stay together until the end of the series, or whether or not those dastardly producers have any tricks up their sleeves which could mean their burgeoning romance is doomed.

We’ll just have to tune in to find out.