Love Island

Love Island viewers FURIOUS following last night’s show


There are a lot of questions to be asked about the current series of Love Island.

Why do they all wear bikinis that go up their bums? Are they not bothered by the fact that everyone lies on the beds with their shoes on?

But the biggest one of the weekend is clearly: How the hell can producers have made us go a whole night without new Love Island content? We’d got our snacks ready and everything.

“I can’t say it, don’t make me… OK FINE I WAS IN BLAZIN’ SQUAD” (Credit: ITV)

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On Saturday night, instead of the brand new episode of Love Island that normally lands on our TV screens every night, we had – oh God, even the words are hard to say – a round-up show of the week.

Which meant that we didn’t find out if Amber and Kem were fighting again, or if Camilla had started to look less like a duck that was further out of water than any duck had ever been before.

They look really into each other, don’t they? Yeah it was over about 10 minutes later. That’s Love Island, guys! (Credit: ITV)

Or if Marcel had continued to keep his time in Blazin’ Squad a very subtle secret only shared with people he’s close to when they force it out of him.

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Instead we just… watched all the bits we’d already seen and hoped desperately that we’d get some new stuff.

On Twitter, fans of the show which sees couples try to find love on an island while all sharing a bedroom on the telly – yes, yes, it is as great as it sounds – vented their outrage.

Oh God it was awkward, just so awkward (Credit: ITV)

@Naenae_xo tweeted a comedy meme about how gutted she was.

And @nicolahackett summed up all our feelings. All day! All day we’d waited.

@Aaron_Bumby knows it too.

Zac Efron helped to put our thoughts into facial expressions in this tweet.

And @dan_phillips7? Well, if you thought the nation were mostly thinking about the election, he had news for you.

But seriously Love Island – just to clarify, if you thought we went out on Saturday nights or that we might have MISSED some episodes or something. No. Just no.

So in future we’re going to need as many episodes as possible and nothing as horrific as – ugh, the words again – a round-up show. Thanks.

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