Love Island viewers claim posh contestant “too good for the show”

Camilla wowed fellow islanders with her interesting career

Stunning islander Camilla has proven to be a fan favourite and has won over viewers who claim she’s “too good for the show”.

The ITV2 show returned to our screens Monday 5 June but already Camilla has grown a pretty big fan base.

Some are even calling the 27-year-old “wife material”.

Camilla is definitely a favourite with viewers (Credit: ITV)

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During last night’s show Camilla told her fellow islanders about her career – which is in the field of explosive ordnance disposal.

And her interesting job definitely wowed both the islanders and viewers.

One wrote on Twitter: “Camilla is so out of everyone’s league #LoveIsland.”

“Camilla is an example to follow, these girls should take note! You’re better off finding a nice guy outside! #LoveIsland #Classy #Morals,” another tweeted.

A third added: “Camilla is just the most classy natural woman on #LoveIsland.”

A fourth said: “Don’t understand why Camilla is on #LoveIsland she’s far too good for the show.”

“Can we discuss how Camilla is too good and pure for #LoveIsland,” another agreed.

Speaking about her job on the show Camilla told Amber and Montana: “I go to areas where there have been conflicts and if there are remnants of war injuring and killing people, you destroy them.”

An impressed but confused Montana asked: “Do you go around killing people?”

Camilla replied: “No. It’s humanitarian.

“I worked for one charity for a few years and then last year I was finding that every time I came back, I felt socially dislocated, like my friends would be having these long term relationships and I would never have met the guy.

“And I couldn’t always identify with their problems as I didn’t feel I had the same problems. I felt really alone.”

Viewers branded Camilla “too good for the show” (Credit: ITV)

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Last night two brand new heartthrobs headed into the villa ready to spice things up.

Chris and Jonny were sent into the villa and were given the chance to get to know the ladies with a welcome party.

It’s believed that the new boys will choose a girl they would like to couple up with.

This is definitely going to cause much more drama!

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.