Love Island: Viewers call Chris a “sore loser” after losing Liv to Mike

Montana said karma smacked him in the face

It’s week three in the Love Island villa and emotions are really starting to show.

The love triangle between Olivia Attwood, Chris Hughes and Mike Thalassitis was all anybody could talk about after Monday night’s show.

Mike, or as Chris calls him, “Muggy Mike”, stole Olivia away from Chris and the “sore loser” didn’t take it too well.

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After Mike, 24, told the nation he wanted to couple up with the leggy blonde, Chris tried to do his best to emotionally blackmail her.

But the blue-eyed boy did the EXACT same thing to Sam, when he stole Liv from him.

Viewers at home weren’t having any of it, and called him “annoying” and “boring” after going on about it to everybody.

Montana Brown, 21, even said that “karma has smacked Chris in the face”.

One user wrote: “Get over it Chris. Jheezzeeee. Boring.”

Another called him a “melt”.

Some were confused as to why Mike and Chris were fighting over Olivia as there were other girls who were a lot nicer.

They then called her a “rock”.


Another seemed to think that Olivia and Chris are made for each other, as they both think highly of themselves, and called them “VILE”.

Wow, viewers really don’t hold back.

Chris wanted to make his feelings known to Mike after being ‘mugged off’, so they had a nice, calm, chat on the sofa.

By nice and calm, we mean awkward and incredibly tense.

Nobody had any sympathy for Chris though, as one said: “It’s only a game to Chris, he only wants liv Becoz someone else does! You Are a total minger…Mike is a 10 your a 3 pal [sic].”

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Tune in for more drama tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.