Love Island

Love Island viewers beg Caroline Flack to buy a bra!

Her finale outfit definitely wasn't winning

So this year’s most talked about TV show Love Island is well and truly over.

And what a summer it has been for us, as we watched with utter glee all those glossy young things couple up, muck up and make up.

It really was a televisual moment of pure bliss.

While Kem and Amber may have been voted the series winners by sofa-surfers at home, in our eyes, we reckon the last batch of couples are ALL winners in their own right.

Kem and Amber were the winners of series three (Credit: ITV)

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But sadly the same cannot be said about the pink dress that Caroline Flack wore at the final last night.

Some fans thought Caroline’s dress was an unflattering mess (Credit: ITV)

While some described it as an unflattering “mess”, comprising of two or three loosely sewn together bits of material, others feared that the frock could be responsible for a potentially embarrassing moment.

The dress was so flimsy, breezy and gaping that fans were sat at home clutching their sofas as they worried her curvaceous lady bumps could spill out of her top on live telly.

Viewers were obsessed with Caroline’s nipples as they watched the Love Island final (Credit: ITV)

One fan wrote: “Can’t stop staring at Caroline Flacks nipples.”

Another commented: “Can Caroline Flack put her  nipples away please!”

One cheeky fan added: “Caroline Flack not wearing a bra on live TV has got carnage written all over it.”

In fairness, Caroline was in Spain, it was hot and a bra probably would have looked a bit clunky under such a floaty garment.

And luckily – for Caroline – there were no wardrobe malfunctions as she presented the 90 minute show.

There is a Love Island special this weekend catching up with life out of the villa (Credit: ITV)

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Even when Caroline started bouncing around with joy as she announced the winners were Kem and Amber, she miraculously managed to keep her bosoms contained. Phew.

Meanwhile, as the Love Island stars fly back to the UK, we can see more about them this weekend with an Aftersun special and it’s rumoured that there could be a spinoff show about how the couples are doing outside of the villa.

Oooh, we can’t wait.

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