Millie confronts Lillie in Love Island

Love Island SPOILERS: Millie leaves the villa to seek the truth from Lillie after Liam’s betrayal

Will this land Liam even deeper in the 'merde'?

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Don’t miss Love Island tonight for it will be absolutely explosive as betrayed Millie Court leaves the villa!

She will have a one-to-one with Millie, the girl her man Liam Reardon paired up with in Casa Amor.

Millie asks Lillie for answers about Liam in Love Island
Millie needs to know every last detail of what went down in Casa Amor (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV)

Lillie dropped a bombshell shortly after Liam returned alone to the villa on Thursday night’s show – to a delighted and devoted Millie.

Moments after the cute reunion, as Liam tenderly kissed Millie’s shoulders, rejected Lillie appeared.

Millie and Liam on Love Island
A shock twist was revealed for Millie and Liam on Friday’s episode (Credit: ITV)

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Lillie’s Love Island bombshell

When prompted by host Laura Whitmore, she expressed her surprise at Liam returning without her.

In no uncertain terms she made it clear he had been 50/50 in their antics – sharing a bed and kissing outside of challenges.

Lillie explained: “I feel the actions were pretty equal.”

Millie’s world fell apart in seconds and she realised what had been going on and she said: “Are you [bleep]ing joking?”

Tears and apologies followed, with Liam attempting to downplay what happened – even suggesting that kissing Lillie had helped him realise he wants to be official with Millie.

So far she’s having none of it – but could this change after a sit-down chat with Lillie?

Lillie tells Millie exactly what went down with Liam in Casa Amor
Lillie still has a few things to get off her chest after Liam betrayed her in Casa Amor (Credit: Shutterstock)

When Millie met Lillie

It seems the other woman still has plenty to get off her chest.

As the two blondes meet tonight, Lillie says: “I just want to apologise if I came across as abrupt or anything like that last night.

“I’ve been true to myself the whole time I’ve been here and I couldn’t stand there and be quiet.”

Millie then asks her: “I want to get your point of view. What happened? Start to finish really, how he spoke to you, how you got on.”

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Liam again tries to explain to Millie his actions in Casa Amor
Liam is still trying to make amends to Millie after Casa Amor but that body language says it all (Credit: Shutterstock/ITV)

Liam tries to make things right

Also on tonight’s show, Millie tells Liam: “There were six girls in there Liam and you happen to have found a connection with one of them.

“That just shows the connection we had wasn’t enough for you.”

He argues in his defence: “I didn’t want to be in that position. I thought ‘right, I’ve got to give myself the opportunity, I’m here for a reason’ and I didn’t know what you were doing up here.”

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