Love Island SPOILER: Kem loses it over Amber dating new guy Theo

Newbie Theo Campbell is 6ft 5 so he's a tiny bit threatened

Kem Cetinay loses his temper after his girl Amber Davies was chosen to go on a date with new Islander Theo Campbell.

In tonight’s episode, Kem is seen in the Beach Hut after kicking a pillow and throwing things in the bedroom.

Insecure are we, mate?

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The tall, dark and handsome newbie Theo, 25, is certainly Amber’s type “on paper”.

Amber gets a text: “Amber, Theo is waiting to take you on a date. Please get ready to leave the villa. #littleandlarge #yourtypeonpaper”

We then see the hairdresser vent, and say: “He’s annoying me yeah, Theo. 100 per cent her type on paper? She is probably going to get some tall, mixed race model, abs poking out of his t-shirt yeah.

“Probably looks unbelievable, has a very good haircut, probably got a good game as well. It just doesn’t help me out. Why have you got to throw Theo in?”

Yup! He’s a pretty handsome guy.

Model Jamie Jewitt is also entering the villa and has his eyes on 27-year-old Camilla Thurlow.

They go on a lovely date, and she confesses that she finds him “attractive”.


The villa is a buzz with anticipation of who Theo and Jamie are, as Tyla Carr was also asked on a date with the tall hunk.

As soon as they got back, Amber and Olivia Attwood talk about the new boys to Gabby and Marcel and call them both “very fit”.

“They are very good looking boys and will ruffle some feathers,” Amber says.

Meanwhile, Kem goes to the Beach Hut for more venting: “My bird has just been taken on a date by two guys.

“One of them is a Calvin Klein model and the other one runs in the Olympics and is exactly Amber’s type. Why do they have to come in half way through when I’m doing my hair and I have a hair clip in?

“Why is Theo calling me ‘little man’?”

Later on, Theo is seen telling Marcel that he fancies Tyla, and says: “I was getting a good vibe off Tyla on our date. I’m going to take it day by day really.”

In the Beach Hut, Theo says: “Everyone was cool. I thought Jonny seemed a bit threatened.”

According to Jonny, he isn’t bothered at all.

The macho man, who has a firm grip on his bird Tyla after dumping Camilla, says: “Even if he is a 10 out of 10, I’ll still nick her back off him so I don’t care, it doesn’t bother me. I’ve got my A game on. I don’t even care.”

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Oh, we’ll see about that!

Tune in tonight at 9pm on ITV2 to see how the lads feathers get a right ruffling.

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