Love Island SPOILER: Camilla hints she’ll go all the way with Jamie in the Hideaway tonight?

Montana has to choose which couple gets the private bedroom

Love Island viewers are in for a real treat tonight because Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt might be sealing the deal.

During Monday night’s installment, 28-year-old Camilla celebrates her birthday, and it gets off to a cracking start with adorable Jamie making the gang a birthday breakkie treat- avocado on toast with scrambled eggs.

Calvin Klein model Jamie even spelled out ‘Happy Birthday Cam’. HOW cute?

Jamie made breakfast for everybody with a birthday theme for his love interest Camilla (Credit: ITV Picture Desk)

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In the Beach Hut, Camilla can’t wipe the grin from her face.

“Jamie’s brownie points have now shot through the roof obviously after that. I had no idea what was happening and it was just perfect.

“I couldn’t feel any happier right now… I think Jamie is a very special type of person. I’ve never met anyone like him. Nobody is perfect but I’m struggling to find a fault at the moment.”

They even do the Dirty Dancing move in the pool, and Camilla nailed it!

Will they be dirty dancing tonight? (Credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Later on she tells Montana about her “10 out of 10” kiss with Jamie on the day beds.

After thinking about her feelings towards Jamie, she then has a chat with pal Gabby about perhaps taking things a bit further with him.

“I’m a normal woman. Of course every person would want to have sex with him, I mean look at him. But we don’t know where we are at just yet and we’ve got two weeks to go. Shouldn’t I wait to find out what it’s like outside before I do that in case this is something that’s only happening in here?” she asks.

Camilla and Jamie are having an amazing time together (Credit: ITV Picture Desk)

“I think it’s pretty clear where you’re at,” Gabby tells her. “No one does a gesture like that breakfast unless they really like someone. And I’ve only had positive feedback from him and only positive feedback from you. He did it because he just wanted you to be happy.”

Montana does her best to encourage Camilla to just go for it with Jamie. “This is the situation where you want to do it and you’re stopping yourself and you should just go with it,” she tells her.

“It’s not even just that, I need a bit more confirmation from his side, like sexual confirmation,” Camilla says, “I don’t want to go from zero to 100… In the real world I wouldn’t sleep with someone after four days.”

And then, *drum roll please*… Montana gets a “TEXT!”.

Camilla couldn’t stop beaming as she celebrates her birthday with (Credit: ITV Picture Desk)

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It reads: “Islanders, tonight the Hideaway is open. You can choose one lucky couple to stay the night #getaway #bitsandpieces”.

Of course, the entire villa suggest that Jamie and Camilla should be chosen as a birthday treat.

Camilla says: “It’s definitely important that Jamie and I have some kind of alone time to see how things go when it’s just the two of us.”

Oooh! Will they? Won’t they?

Tune in tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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