Love Island: “Snakey” Jonny Mitchell’s secret life REVEALED

Do the Islanders know?

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Jonny Mitchell has made a name for himself on Love Island, but it’s not the impression he was hoping to get across.

The 26-year-old first made a move on Camilla Thurlow, and angered the nation when he dumped her for Tyla Carr, 24.

But if the ladies in the villa knew what life he had outside of the reality dating show, they might treat him a little differently.

Jonny sips red wine while at London’s High Note SkyBar (Credit: Instagram/@jonny_mitchell1991)

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It turns out that he is filthy rich, and is constantly sharing photos of his lavish lifestyle on social media.

He stays in five-star hotels, buys fancy watches, drives around in expensive cars and only travels first class.

He likes the finer things in life (Credit: Instagram/@jonny_mitchell1991)

He stays in five-star hotels, buys fancy watches, drives around in expensive cars and flies first-class.

The tall, dark and handsome chap works as a business director at his father’s specialist care company.

Bali is one of his favourite summer spots (Credit: Instagram/@jonny_mitchell1991)

Last summer, he stayed in Bali for five weeks, and even proposed to his last girlfriend there!

He’s also stayed in the most blinging apartment next to St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest, Hungary.

Before entering the villa he spoke about being away from home for weeks, and said that it wouldn’t bother him one bit.

He commented: “Usually it’s my lifestyle. I do a lot of travelling. I pretty much live abroad, so being away from home wouldn’t be a big deal for me.”

Jonny seems to have a lot of fun (Credit: Instagram/@jonny_mitchell1991)

The stud celebrated his 26th birthday with a luxury dinner at Mirabelle Splendide Restaurant in Rome.

His suited and booted look is miles away from his swimming trunks in the villa (Credit: Instagram/@jonny_mitchell1991)

As for his past lover, Jonny reportedly cheated on his ex, Lauren Baxter.

A friend of hers has said that she ended things and had to cancel the wedding after finding out he had cheated on her numerous times.

He takes in the views at Lebua State Tower, Bangkok, Thailand (Credit: Instagram/@jonny_mitchell1991)

“She saw on his group chat how, on a trip to Ibiza, he slept with a couple of girls,” the pal whispered.

They then said: “He was sober, talking about doing it again.”

Jonny loves Hong Kong too (Credit: Instagram/@jonny_mitchell1991)

As for the UK, when he’s actually at home (and not sleeping with women he’s met on his travels), he lives in an immaculate all-white swanky pad, fitted with an en-suite shower that is open to the bedroom.


Do the ladies know of this crazy lifestyle he has?

The star has kept pretty quiet about his life outside the villa.

Jonny is constantly posting photos of his rich lifestyle (Credit: Instagram/@jonny_mitchell1991)

The Essex-born Islander is now coupled up with Tyla Carr and has said he is “crazy about her”.

Viewers aren’t keen on him at all though.

One Twitter user said: “Jonny has his daddy’s money, he’s not a millionaire, don’t believe all you read and see on insta!! But all he wants on #loveisland is FAME.”

Sipping on vodka and eating caviar in Russia (Credit: Instagram/@jonny_mitchell1991)

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Another said: “Why is Jonny the snake 🐍 🐍 🐍 still in. Hes slimy #LoveIsland.”

A third added: “Jonny needs to leave #loveisland He actually bores me… Such a snake.”