Love Island

Love Island shock as cruel twist means 10 islanders could be dumped

The islanders' loyalties will be severely tested with huge consequences

Love Island is preparing for its most shocking twist yet as up to TEN islanders could be dumped from the villa tonight.

According to reports, there’s going to be mass elimination when the two villas are finally merged and loyalties tested among the existing couples following the arrival of 11 new islanders.

Amber and Kem's coupling could be in danger
Amber and Kem’s coupling could be in danger (Credit: ITV)

Far from being a straightforward re-coupling, the existing couples will be asked if they want to stay loyal to their current partner or dump them in favour of someone new – and the answer will determine their own future on the show.

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The twist means if both parties in an existing couple remain loyal and decide to give their coupling a shot, despite the new arrivals, they continue together in the show.

Marcel and Gabby are the strongest couple - but could that change tonight?
Marcel and Gabby are the strongest couple – but could that change tonight? (Credit: ITV)

If both parties want to dump each other, end things and crack on with someone else, they also continue in the show but not as a couple.

However, according to Daily Star, “if one TV lover remains loyal, only to be dumped by their partner, then they will officially be classed as single and lose their place on the show.”

A source said: “This is a test of loyalty. Those who stick with their old partner risk being shafted.”

So cruel!

It means some of the rockier couples like Kem and Amber could be at risk, as he’s made no secret of the fact he’s ready to move on while she’s desperate for them to rekindle their romance.

The re-coupling twist comes after the boys were sent to a new villa for a mini break, only to be joined by five gorgeous female islanders.

Will Olivia and Chris remain loyal or end up dumping each other?
Will Olivia and Chris remain loyal or end up dumping each other? (Credit: ITV)

The women, meanwhile, remained at the old villa and were introduced to six hunky new guys.

Kem pretty much signalled in the plainest way possible that it’s all over with Amber when he snogged newbie Chyna on Friday night, then admitted he fancied her, Amelia and Danielle.

Amber, however, admitted being away from Kem made her realise how much she likes him.

So their re-coupling decision is going to be interesting….

Kem's already signalled he wants to move on from Amber
Kem’s already signalled he wants to move on from Amber (Credit: ITV)

Obviously, to ramp up the drama and overall awkwardness, the couples make their decisions separately, and only find out what each other said when the results are announced.

The re-coupling will take place after it all kicks off tonight when the girls find out just what their men have been up to at the other villa.

Camilla has got it bad for Craig. Nooooo! (Credit: ITV)

They find out via a postcard delivered through the door showing pictures of the guys in various compromising positions including Kem’s steamy kiss with Chyna, and Marcel, Jonny and Chris lying in bed with other women.

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As well as being a total blow for Amber, it’s likely to upset Marcel’s girlfriend Gabby.

Ex Blazin Squad star Marcel (yes, he was in Blazin’ Squad, has he not mentioned it?) asked Gabby to go official just before the second villa twist.

Love Island airs 9pm on ITV2.