Love Island’s Ollie Williams branded a ‘disgrace’ as he shoots a deer and quips he’s ‘stockpiling’

Comes amid coronavirus crisis

Ollie Williams quit the first-ever series of Winter Love Island after just three days amid uproar over pictures of him trophy hunting.

However, he denied the claims and said he quit the show because he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend.

Now the reality TV star has caused uproar by posting a video of himself shooting a deer to YouTube and quipping: “My kind of stockpiling.”

trophy hunter Ollie Williams YouTube
Ollie Williams – who denied he was into trophy hunting – first practised using a target (Credit: YouTube)

It comes as Britain is in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, with stockpilers stripping shelves of essential items such as toilet roll, pasta and tinned goods.

Ollie previously branded himself a “passionate conservationist” but actions spoke louder than words as he filmed himself driving to a gun shop to buy ammunition.

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Mocking the current situation Brits have found themselves in, he joked: “‘I always end up walking away from here with something I don’t need… ie, a gun.”

Back at the family estate, he gave his viewers a lesson in shooting before heading out to stalk some deer in camouflage gear.

trophy hunter Ollie Williams Love Island
He then donned camouflage gear and grabbed his gun (Credit: YouTube)

He explained of the hunt: “When it strikes the animal, it tends to inflict a lot of damage and tends to cause a quick and painless, death. It’s obviously very humane, which is the sort of thing we are looking at.”

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After practising his aim on a target, Ollie said: “Instead of stockpiling in a supermarket, I’m stockpiling in different ways.”

The video then cuts to images of deer wandering around lush, green fields, with the sound of a heartbeat playing dramatically over the video.

He then lies down, fires his gun and the screen goes black.

Viewers next see Ollie with his kill, hanging it up in a giant freezer before zooming in on the carcass.

Instead of stockpiling in a supermarket, I’m stockpiling in different ways.

He said he decided not to upload footage of the kill but could if his followers wanted to see it.

“Horrible,” came one response on his Instagram post that plugged the YouTube video.

“How are you even human?” said another.

“Why would you do this? #weirdo,” said another.

Ollie Williams YouTube
Ollie then stalked his target and went in for the kill (Credit: YouTube)

“Typical posh boy,” blasted another.

“This is a disgrace, do something better with your life,” another said.

“Sick, sick man,” another concluded.

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