Love Island: Olivia has BIG decisions to make tonight with recoupling AND a dumping

Mike or Chris - which way will she go?

It’s one of TV’s most gripping mysteries: will Olivia Attwood stick by Chris Hughes tonight or will she jump ship and switch her ‘love’ to Muggy Mike Thalassitis?

It comes as the Love Islanders were told that the boy who fails to hook up in tonight’s episode will be sent packing.

That puts Chris’s place on the island in jeopardy because if he’s lost Olivia then he’s probably lost his lilo in the pleasure pool.

Will Olivia opt for Mike or stick with sexy Chris (Credit: ITV)

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Olivia has revealed that she’d like a look at Muggy Mike’s coconuts in the hideaway but only if nobody found out and it as just physical stuff.

Mike and Olivia are chatting by the pool when she reveals she’s not spoken to Chris for a few days, adding: “We’ve got nothing to talk about.”

Mike asks Olivia if it’s all over with her and Chris and she says “Yes. Unless he has had a total epiphany. I’m in a really weird mood today. I’m really happy, that’s the weird thing, I shouldn’t be in such a good mood.”

“What happened to you grafting on me?” Mike inquires.

Monotone Mike has sent the girls giddy but Olivia isn’t sure if she should try him out for size (Credit: ITV)

“Do you want to be grafted on still?” Olivia flirts.

“It depends if you want to graft me,” Mike points out. Not exactly Shakespeare is it?

“Kind of,” Olivia pouts, “I see you in a totally different light to how I did last time you were in here… I think Chris is going to act like he’s not bothered but really, he can’t be made up about it can he.”

But hold up because a game of Chinese whispers has started with Sam Gowland telling Montana Brown what Olivia said about choosing Mike over Chris and the Montana telling…wait for it…Mike!

Montana tells Chris that he needs to convince Olivia he has strong feelings of her (Credit: ITV)

Montana is all like: “I’ve heard a piece of information and you need to speak to Liv. I’ve been told that she will pick Mike at the recoupling, she has told somebody, but I’m just telling you that I think if you want it to work on the outside, which you do, [you need to speak to her.]

“You’ve told her you’re incompatible, you won’t work and she obviously feels rubbish. The only thing I’m asking you is to be upfront, tell her how you feel…

Chris tells Olivia that he really likes her (Credit: ITV)

“She doesn’t know if you like her because you’ve been so weird. You need to be honest with her otherwise you’re going to lose her and she’s going to pick someone else.

“Do you want her to pick Muggy Mike?”

Olivia still isn’t sure though. And after Chris lays his feelings on the line to her, she talks to Amber ahead of her impossible choice: “I’m losing my head. You’ve got Mike, we’re more compatible on paper, he is fit, but he’s not Chris… Nothing really compares to what me and Chris have.

Liv tells Amber that what ever decision she makes tonight affects her life (credit: ITV)

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“When we’re good, it’s the best thing ever but at the same time we’re killing each other in the villa. It’s so easy with Mike.

“It’s put everything in perspective. The decision I make tonight affects my life.”