Love Island: Olivia DUMPS Chris after last night’s dramatic show

"You're sacking us off because you were in the bottom four?" Chris asks

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Chris’s heart breaks on national television tonight after he’s dumped by Olivia Attwood.

After the traumatic episode on Tuesday night, Tyla Carr was devastated having to say goodbye to on and off partner Jonny Mitchell.

In the garden, Tyla sits down for a smoke while crying, and Chris goes over to her to give her a hug.

Olivia dumps Chris after feeling like she’s going to make him look bad (Credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Olivia goes up to the blue-eyed boy and says: “I feel like we should sack this off now because I don’t think it’s going to work for you, it’s definitely, definitely not working for me. I knew that what’s happened over the last couple of days would put me in a vulnerable position.”

“You’re sacking us off because you were in the bottom four?” Chris asks her.

“I’m sorry but I think it’s best for both of us,” she says, walking back into the villa, “And don’t cry again because that’s the whole reason we’re in this situation.”

Noooo, we were just getting to love them as a couple!

Chris can’t believe that Liv breaks up with him (Credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Liv spoke to Kem before breaking up with Chris, and the hairdresser tells her: “I want you to be together because I love both of you but I don’t think you are compatible.”

“We’re so close to the end of our experience here and I just don’t want to spend it coming across as a nag while he comes across as this loveable joker which he is,” Olivia says.

Poor Chris couldn’t believe it.

He tells viewers in the Beach Hut: “She doesn’t think the public like her and she wants me to do the best I can for myself. Honestly, at times I don’t understand how her head works but I’ve got to lift myself from this one and move on and take each day as it comes because now, I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing.”

Chris tries to get advice from Jamie after saying Olivia is “spiteful” and that he’s “done with it” (Credit: ITV Picture Desk)

Fuming, Chris chats to Jamie Jewitt. “After what she said to me, I think it’s the most spiteful thing anyone has ever done and I don’t want to entertain what she has just done, I’m so done with it”, the Gloucestershire-born contestant says.

Jamie tries to explain it’s a defence mechanism from Olivia: “If you do gravitate towards each other again, I reckon she will be a bit different mate. Just keep your heads up for the future because she does like you.”

The next morning, Olivia goes to cuddle up to Chris on the sofa where he has slept. He doesn’t respond so she goes to talk to Jamie in the kitchen.

Later on the terrace, the pair of them try and talk it out again.

Olivia storms off after another row with Chris (Credit: ITV Picture Desk)

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Olivia seems unsure what she wants from Chris and he seems unsure what she wants of him. What they do both agree on is that they keep arguing and can’t be right for each other.

Chris says he still wants to be friends but Olivia says they can’t be – it escalates into a huge argument.

The on-off couple seem to be off again, but is it for good this time?