Love Island couples secretly vote for islanders they want to see go in shock twist tonight

One couple will be at risk of being dumped

With the final just around the corner Love Island producers have thrown in one more shock twist which will see one couple be at risk of being dumped from the villa just three days before the final.

The couples will receive a text during tonight’s show asking them to vote which couple they would like to see dumped from the island.

During tonight’s show the couples will discuss who they think should pack their bags and leave.

Gabby and Marcel seen discussing their decision (Credit: ITV)

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Gabby Allen, who is coupled up with Marcel Somerville, reads out a text saying: “Islanders, tonight each couple will secretly vote for one other couple that they think should be dumped from the Island.

“You must now discuss in your couples who you’re going to choose and why, before submitting your decision by text.

“You must not discuss your decision with anyone else. The couples with the most votes face being dumped from the island. #thefinalcountdown.”

The couples will each discuss their decision in secret at the end of tonight’s show.

Gabby tells Marcel: “Out of all the couples now there’s not one person who I want to go.”

Camilla and Jamie are seen struggling to decide as Camilla can be heard saying: “Oh my god I can’t do this.”

The couples must secretly vote for another couple to leave (Credit: ITV)

Talking about another couple Kem tells girlfriend Amber: “I think their relationship is genuine I just think she can be a bit insecure at times.”

In another scene speaking about another couple Alex tells Montana: “It’s Love Island isn’t it and they’re not in love.”

Each couple will then have to submit their decision by text.

Chris tells Olivia: “Can we never mention this to anyone, literally no one?”

Chris and Olivia seem worried about their decision (Credit: ITV)

There will be no dumping tonight, however.

Fans rushed to comment on a teaser clip showing the intense scenes tonight and it seems Camilla and Jamie are the favourites at the moment.

One wrote: “Camilla and Jamie better not go, only genuine couple

“As long as Camilla and Jamie stay I don’t care who goes,” another said.

A third added: “If Jamie and Camilla leave tonight I’m going to be fuming

Jamie and Camilla are fan favourites (Credit: ITV)

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As the final, which is set to air next Monday, approaches it’s safe to say fans are pretty devastated to see the series come to an end.

But viewers could be getting ready for another dose of the islanders because it’s been reported that the the show’s bosses are planning on a “follow up series” which will follow the islanders once they leave the villa.

It’s believed that the producers want to see whether the stronger couples on the show will be able to keep it up on the outside.

A source told The Sun: “Some relationships will be nothing more than a summer holiday romance but there’s some that are going to last a lot longer.

“Each of the couples have already been pushed to the limits in a very false environment and once they’re back home, they will have more time to themselves away from the camera.

There could be a “follow up” series (Credit: ITV)

“There are already discussions behind the scenes as to doing a follow-up series later this year where viewers can see if islanders have stayed together at home – and whether they’re following in the footsteps of last year’s couples like [2016 contestants] Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen.

“It’s a no brainer for Love Island bosses to do a follow-up as the show has been a runaway success and everyone’s desperate to see more of their favourite couples.”

Please let this happen!

The drama continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.