Louise Redknapp shares photo of her son on his birthday – but there’s no sign of Jamie

She was being an 'embarrassing' mum

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Louise Redknapp has posted a picture of her son Charles as they celebrate his 13th birthday, but there’s no sign of her husband Jamie.

The couple are rumoured to be going through a split at the moment, though neither have yet to officially comment.

In the snap the lad towers over his mum and has his eyes shut as she grabs his face trying to force him to smile.

Captioning the image, Louise wrote: “Happy birthday to my big boy… who gets totally embarrassed having his pic done with his mum in front of his mates.”Well, what 13-year-old wouldn’t?!

Fans were quick to wish Charles, who’s known as Charley, a happy birthday too.

But there was one notable absence from the snap – Charley’s dad. However Charley’s brother, Beau, eight, is also not in the picture, so it could be it’s just a mother and son shot rather than having a hidden meaning behind it.

Louise is definitely keeping busy as rumours of the split continue to persist.

Yesterday she posted a snap of her sitting outside learning her lines for her nationwide tour of Cabaret that she’s embarking on in September.

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It was revealed earlier this month that the Strictly star and her football pundit hubby had split up and she was living with her mum.

Reports have suggested Louise’s newfound confidence, and friendship with Strictly co-star Daisy Lowe, have resulted in her wanting to end her 19 year marriage.

The Sun claimed the couple were “formally living apart” two months after news first broke that the singer was living 15 minutes away from her marital home.

It was revealed things became difficult between the pair when Louise went on Strictly and the following tour and was away for seven months.

A friend told The Sun: “Louise told one of her closest friends she and Jamie had split.

“Louise was quite open about the fact the relationship was over.

“She mentioned how much time they had spent apart and that when she and Jamie had tried to spend time together it hadn’t been good.

“It’s a very difficult situation because of their two children who they are both determined to protect.”

The source went on to say the kids are the reason “they’re not prepared to officially end the marriage or comment publicly.

“They hope time apart might fix things, even though that doesn’t look likely.”

However it would appear Jamie’s desperate to save his marriage and will do all he can to make it work.

“Jamie hasn’t given up hope,” the source continued. “He is fighting for his marriage and to keep his family together. It’s all very sad.”

Another source, close to Louise, also said the couple were “giving each other space as they work things through.”

She had previously told The Mirror that she and Jamie had been in bed together when reports first came on Sky that their marriage was in trouble.

She laughed: “We’re great, don’t worry about us, everything is fine.”

But now as she prepares to make her stage debut in a nationwide tour of Cabaret, the source continued:

“Louise’s priorities have changed and it’s made her re-evaluate parts of her life.”

Karen Clifton, the wife of Louise’s Strictly partner, Kevin reportedly confirmed the news to The Sun, claiming the singer “grew in confidence and spread her wings” during the show.

“It was great because she’s been a stay-at-home mum and sometimes you can forget about yourself.

“Now she’s giving herself a little bit more attention and she’s taking care of herself, which is lovely.

“She’s re-inventing herself.

“She’s a gorgeous woman and he’s a lovely man and I just feel really bad that they’ve separated.”

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Meanwhile, Jamie’s parents, Harry and Sandra, believe their daughter-in-law is having something of a midlife crisis.

A source told The Sun: “Harry and Sandra are very supportive of Louise and want to see her revive her career.

“But they’ve been sad to see her partying hard with her new group of friends while Jamie has been filming A League of Their Own.

“It’s meant Louise’s mum has been left to look after the kids many nights over the last few weeks.

“She seems to be in the middle of a midlife crisis, turning her back on many of the mutual friends she’s shared with Jamie to go out with people half her age.”

Well, whatever the truth, this latest snap goes some way to proving the pair are putting their kids first.