Louise and Jamie Redknapp have reportedly split up

The pair are living apart, but Jamie's determined to fight to save their marriage

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Louise Redknapp has reportedly split from her husband of 18 years, Jamie, but he’s determined to win her back.

The Sun claim the couple are “formally living apart” two months after news first broke that the singer was living 15 minutes away from her marital home.

Jamie and Louise are said to be living apart (Credit: FameFlynet)

It was revealed things became difficult between the pair, who share children Charlie 12, and Beau, eight, when Louise went on Strictly and the following tour and was away for seven months.

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A friend told The Sun: “Louise told one of her closest friends she and Jamie had split.

“Louise was quite open about the fact the relationship was over.

“She mentioned how much time they had spent apart and that when she and Jamie had tried to spend time together it hadn’t been good.

“It’s a very difficult situation because of their two children who they are both determined to protect.”

Jamie is determined to make it work though (Credit: Instagram/@louiseredknapp)

The source went on to say the kids are the reason “they’re not prepared to officially end the marriage or comment publicly.

“They hope time apart might fix things, even though that doesn’t look likely.”

However it would appear Jamie’s desperate to save his marriage and will do all he can to make it work.

They have one of the longest-running marriages in showbiz (Credit: Instagram/@louiseredknapp)

“Jamie hasn’t given up hope,” the source continued. “He is fighting for his marriage and to keep his family together. It’s all very sad.”

Another source, close to Louise, also said the couple were “giving each other space as they work things through.”

Louise is said to be living in a house 15 minutes away from the home she shared with her football pundit hubby.

She had previously told The Mirror that she and Jamie had been in bed together when reports first came on Sky that their marriage was in trouble.

She laughed: “We’re great, don’t worry about us, everything is fine.”

But now as she prepares to make her stage debut in a nationwide tour of Cabaret, the source continued to The Sun:

“Louise’s priorities have changed and it’s made her re-evaluate parts of her life.”

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Neither Louise or Jamie have made an official comment so far on these rumours.

Has the Strictly curse struck again? Or can these two work it out?