Louisa Johnson hits a BUM note with awkward wardrobe malfunction

The X Factor winner rushed off stage

This is probably up there with being one of the most embarrassing things to happen to a teenage girl.

Poor Louisa Johnson was left blushing on stage after revealing a bit too much flesh mid-performance on Thursday night.

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The star, who is just 18-years-old, and the youngest ever winner of X Factor, was performing her new single So Good at Sheffield shopping centre.

The pretty teen was dressed in a black dress with splits and bright-coloured bomber jacket.

During one point of the song, her dress twisted around so the slit exposed her bum!

Realising what had happened, she rushed off stage to fix the fashion faux pas.

LUCKILY she had a pair of knickers on!

All of this comes after an interview she did with MailOnline, where Louisa defended the racy nature of stage outfits worn by fellow X Factor pop acts Little Mix.

She found it difficult to understand why everyone was fussing over the groups style, and also admitted that she was worried about how the public would react to her evolving style too.

We’re pretty sure that a LOT of people reacted to this little fashion fail…

When Louisa performed during X Factor last weekend to debut her new single, viewers were quick to comment on her cheeky display of skin.

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“Louisa that was incredibly weak vocal. Vanilla song. And erm could see your knickers,” one shared.

“Didn’t really appreciate seeing her ass just then,” said another.

Well, you’re going to be seeing plenty more of that now…

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