Lorraine viewers slate Anthea Turner for being a “hypocrite”

The former presenter was branded a "hypocrite"

Anthea Turner has riled up a lot of viewers during an interview on Lorraine.

The former Blue Peter presenter was on the chat show to talk about her new book titled How To Survive Divorce.

Anthea, 56, opened up about how she struggled to cope with her ex-husband Grant Bovey’s fling with Zoe De Mallet Morgan.

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But viewers at home weren’t convinced and shared their anger at her on Twitter.

One didn’t understand why she was talking about how he had cheated on her, when it was said she had done the same.

Rumour has it that Andrea cheated on her ex Peter Powell with his best friend Grant.

“@itvlorraine Why do we need to hear about poor Anthea Turner the woman who had an affair with a married man who then done the same to her”.

Another added: “Oh please someone pass me the sick bucket listening to all this crap Anthea Turner is spouting. What a hypocrite! #lorraine”.

Anthea said she forgave Grant when he first cheated on her, but couldn’t do it after the third time.

She explained: “It is an awful journey you’re going to put yourself on, and not just you – it’s not just about two people.

“We’d been together for 16 years so there’s friends, there’s family, there’s my step-daughters… it’s not just selfishly about two people.

“It’s about a biosphere of people you’re about to pull apart and anybody that’s been through it knows the torture involved.

“And I’d been through it before, so I knew… and I would walk over hot coals to stop this happening again. I was frightened, I was scared and I didn’t want to change my life.”

People thought she was “self-obsessed” and that she fancied herself as a “counsellor” too.

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The former GM:TV star, who was married to Grant from 2000 to 2015, is still in contact with her step-daughters and said that although the marriage didn’t work out, she says she still tried.

Lorraine asked whether she still loves him, to which Andrea replied: “Love is one of those words interpreted in different ways but of course I still love him.

“I think we do use the word love a little bit more freely now, we love members of our family, friends. But are you in love? No, that’s completely different.”

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