Lorraine viewers slam “awkward” interview with man falsely accused of Rachel Nickell murder

Presenter slammed for inappropriate questioning

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On today’s show Lorraine Kelly interviewed Colin Stagg, who was falsely accused of murdering Rachel Nickell in 1992.

It should have been an informative, interesting chat but viewers found it extremely awkward.

Lorraine has been slammed for the “car crash interview” on Twitter.

Colin was wrongly arrested for the murder of Rachel Nickell (Credit: ITV)

The main thing the viewers seemed to disagree with was that Lorraine asked Colin how much compensation he received from being wrongly accused, and what he spent it on.

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Although Colin answered the question, many viewers claim it was none of her business and that she was rude to ask.

He answered: “I helped out my family and went on a few holidays to Cornwall.

“It’s not all gone. I made one bad investment but that’s been resolved now.”

Colin spoke exclusively to Lorraine about his ordeal (Credit: ITV)

Colin received over £700,000 as compensation for being wrongly accused of Rachel’s murder on London’s Wimbledon Common in the early 90s.

Lorraine seemed to do most of the talking when it came to the interview and it just didn’t appear to go well according to the viewers.

People reacted angrily with one commenting: “Oh dear Another Lorraine car crash interview.”

Another said: “Well that was the most awkward interview ever.”

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The Rachel Nickell murder was a huge profile case at the time, and the real murderer was found 12 years later in 2004.

Rachel, 23, was walking with her two-year-old son through Wimbledon Common when she was stabbed 40 times.

Her infant son was a witness to the murder and as local loner Colin Stagg fit the suspect description he was arrested.

He was wrongly accused of her murder, and although the case was thrown out, it cast a shadow of suspicion over his head.

Colin gave the exclusive interview to Lorraine to mark 25 years since the murder.