Lorraine Kelly tells Silent Witness actress she has “funny bones”

Liz Carr's reaction was everything

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Lorraine Kelly put her wee Size 3s in it on her show when she told Silent Witness star Liz Carr that she had “funny bones”.

The host was trying to pay her guest a compliment but it was an unfortunate turn of phrase, given the actress uses a wheelchair.

Proving her comic timing, Liz quipped back: “That’s just my medical condition, but thanks for bringing that up!”

The 44-year-old has Anthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a condition characterised by multiple join contractors throughout the body whereby the movement of joints is restricted.

Lorraine gaffed as she talked about Liz’s new comedy play Assisted Suicide: The Musical.

Predicatably, Twitter erupted. One viewer commented: “@ITVLorraine “you’ve got funny bones” What an absolute clanger.”

Another said: “AMAZING clanger on GMB. Lorraine to disabled actress/comedian, tries praising her comedy work with ‘you’ve for funny bones’.”

“In stitches @ITVLorraine “you got funny bones” aw in stitches when she replied that’s just my condition #DayBreak #lorraine’,” wrote another.

Recovering herself, the Scottish presenter said of Liz’s role on Silent Witness: “You mentioned your condition, but the fact is you’re there and you just happen to be in a wheelchair.”

Liz replied: “That’s the way it should be.”

The actress was on the show alongside her co-star David Caves to discuss the current series of the crime drama.

She shared a snap of them both ahead of their appearance on Twitter, alongside the caption: “Me & #DavidCaves from #SilentWitness @BBCOne going bananas b4 being live @ITVLorraine”

The BBC favourite is now in its 20th run and, to mark the anniversary, a two-part special has been filmed in Mexico.