Lorraine Kelly shocks viewers as she calls Hollywood star annoying

And guess what? Piers Morgan was involved too!

Lorraine Kelly has stunned viewers after she described actress Emma Watson as a “wee bit annoying”.

The Scottish chat show host made the comment after she was talking to the panel of Good Morning Britain about how the Harry Potter star won the first ever gender-neutral award at the MTV Awards on Sunday night.

GMB host Piers said it was ridiculous and threw his pen across the desk, while saying: “Oh God! Can’t we have men and women seriously? Where does this end?”

The camera then cut to Lorraine while she sat in her studio waiting for her show to air, and Piers asked her: “Is it just me or is this getting a bit ridiculous?”

Lorraine responded: “I hear what you’re saying but is it the fact that she won it and she’s a wee bit annoying?”

The look on Susanna’s face says it all… Queue the Twitter storm!

One Twitter poster used a photo of Tom Hiddleston to illustrate the drama about to hit following the catty comment.

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Another shocked user posted: “omg i just heard lorraine kelly call emma watson annoying!”.

There were people that couldn’t hide the fact that they just did not like the Scottish host.

“Whenever Lorraine Kelly appears on my TV… I find it difficult to prevent myself from going over to slap the screen…”

Another used a vomiting emoji to describe their dislike for the TV presenter.

However, some people agreed with her.

One said: “Lorraine Kelly is right… Emma Watson is ‘a wee bit annoying’.”

Another said that it was “what most of the nation thinks”.

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We don’t think Emma will be appearing on her show any time soon, as another Twitter user rightly pointed out!