Lorraine Kelly is forced to make a very difficult decision

Is it time for new beginnings for the TV presenter?

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After ten years of commuting from her beloved Dundee to work in London every week, it seems that Lorraine Kelly has finally given in, and is now moving to London.

The presenter has lived with her TV cameraman husband, Steve Smith, in their gorgeous Scottish house since 2010.

The TV star wants a shorter commute

But according to The Mirror, she has now decided she wants to spend more time with her hubby rather than be on her own in London.

The 57-year-old has a flat in the city that she stays in when she’s filming, which means she only gets the weekends to be with Steve.

And a six-hour commute either way doesn’t leave a lot of together time.

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With her husband Steve and daughter Rosie (Credit: Instagram)

The newspaper claims Lorraine has now put their Dundee home on the market, ahead of the couple relocating to London together.

She said: “Steve and I want to be together a bit more but that’s not to say we won’t go home a lot as all our friends and family live up there.”

Lorraine Kelly wedding (Credit: Instagram)
On their wedding day (Credit: Instagram)

In a previous interview with Daily Mirror last year, Lorraine spoke about the differences between her Dundee and London homes.

“The flat [in London] is my little sanctuary because I’m always on my own here, but Dundee is truly home,” she said.

“It isn’t a big house we have there, but it has a lot of character and an amazing garden, which I certainly don’t have here.”

The couple, who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary last year, also have their daughter, 23-year-old Rosie.

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Lorraine explained she keeps a gift from her daughter at the London apartment to remind her of home when she’s missing loved ones.

Lorrain Kelly's daughter Rosie (Credit: Instagram)
Lovely Rosie (Credit: Instagram)

“The little book my daughter did for me for Mother’s Day when she was 10,” she said.

“It’s a scrapbook of loads of pictures and wee captions… But honestly, I adore this book. If there was a fire I would be running to get this. Who cares about other stuff? It’s just stuff. These are my memories.”

Hopefully, with her family around her in London, the TV personality won’t need to pull that book out quite so often.

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