Lorraine Kelly hits back after Charlotte Crosby brands her a b***h

Reality star also slams her chat show for being crap

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When Charlotte Crosby was asked by a fan which celebrity she hated the most, nobody expected her to answer Lorraine Kelly and calling her a “b***h” too!

Apparently, the Geordie Shore star is one to hold a grudge, as the pair originally clashed when Char appeared on Lorraine’s show over a year ago.

Charlotte claimed she was grilled quite intensely for constantly wetting the bed on TV, and hit back at Lorraine in a Q&A with fans.

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Char spat: “Lorraine Kelly is a b****!

“I went on her morning show and she was so horrible to us. she didn’t even just be horrible in one answer, she continued and continued.

She continued on In The Style’s Facebook Live Feed: “She had it in for us, she hated my guts!

“Hate is a strong word so I strongly dislike her. I would never go on her show again. It was c**p.

Char ended her rant with: “You know what, I think she was just a little angry that my DVD did so much better than her one.

“But it’s fine Lorraine. One day you can come on my show and I can be just as horrible back to you.”

You got that?

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On the show in 2015, Lorraine pointed out to Charlotte that consistently wetting herself on Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother isn’t normal for an adult.

Char told the host: “I’m not [embarrassed] no… because it’s so normal now.”

To which Lorraine said: “Not it’s not. It really isn’t. It’s not normal”

Charlotte continued to try and explain herself, she said: “I can understand people don’t like it” – to which Lorraine interrupted: “Can I say to you, a lot of people don’t. I don’t. I really don’t.”

“I agree that some people don’t like it, but a lot of people laugh at it and I don’t do it on purpose – it’s purely just because it’s an accident,” Char said.

Now Lorraine has taken to Twitter to bite back at Charlotte’s rant, claiming she was “baffled” that the feud was still ongoing.

Alongside a retweet of the story, the presenter wrote: “Baffled by this. I did ask last year whether she was embarrassed about wetting herself in public. She said no. Rather odd to bring it up now.”



Come on ladies, let’s all be friends.