Loose Women’s Stacey Solomon doesn’t seem happy about Vicky Pattison’s engagement

Does she want to get engaged too?

On today’s Loose Women the ladies talked about ex Loose Women panellist Vicky Pattison’s engagement to John Noble.

But while the others seemed to be happy for Vicky, Stacey said her congratulations through gritted teeth and didn’t look happy at all.

The ladies disagreed on whether wedding traditions should still be honoured (Credit: ITV)

She said through gritted teeth: “I’m very happy for them. A great time to be getting engaged.”

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Andrea remarked: “Your teeth are slightly clenched,” to which Stacey said she was “really happy.” But it didn’t seem like it!

Andrea then asked: “Are you a bit put out that she’s getting married before you?”

“It’s wonderful, perfect timing, they’ve been together just over a year – wonderful,” Stacey replied sarcastically.

Stace has been with her boyfriend actor Joe Swash for just over a year, and it seems she has a little bit of wedding jealously as she has previously hinted at being ready to marry him.

Stacey’s fake congratulations was a little awkward (Credit: ITV)

A picture was then shown on the screen behind the panellists of a glum looking Stacey sat behind Vicky Pattison and her fiance. Stacey wanted to clarify that she didn’t know about Vicky’s engagement at that point and her annoyed expression wasn’t aimed at Vicky. The photo was taken while they were watching the Wimbledon recently.

Vicky Pattison’s engagement was brought up because the Loose Women were discussing wedding traditions and whether they believe it’s necessary to still have traditions like the white dress and separation of partners the night before the wedding day.

Anne Diamond and Janet Street-Porter didn’t believe in wedding traditions because they argued they were originally made for arranged marriages and they “felt uncomfortable” with the idea of little girls dreaming of having the symbolic white dress on their wedding day.

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Stacey put her opposing argument across: “I disagree. I would like a traditional wedding, I would like to not see Joe the night before the big day. Hopefully it’s Joe.”

Stacey’s boyfriend Joe Swash is a famous actor (Credit: FameFlynet UK)

Addressing the idea of wedding traditions being born from arranged marriages she said: “Joe isn’t being paid to marry me and I’m not being forced. I simply just like the idea of some wedding traditions.

“I would definitely want my dad to walk me down the aisle. Wherever it started and originated from has nothing to do with me.”

Let’s hope, for Stacey’s sake, that a proposal from her boyfriend is just around the corner!

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