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Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha ‘sickened’ by Carol McGiffin’s weird eating habit

Instant mash with sardines, peas and ketchup, anyone?

The Loose Women panellists well and truly grossed each other out by revealing the bizarre food combinations they enjoy eating.

On today’s programme (April 26th), Kaye Adams told her fellow Loose Women she likes to chow down on uncooked fresh pasta, but that wasn’t all.

Loose Women

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She continued: “No, I really love it but I do remember, I used to love an oxtail Cup a Soup, this is before I was vegetarian, and dip a Kit Kat in it.”

Kaye’s confession drew groans of disgust from the audience and Carol McGiffin said: “No, no, no. Just… no!”

But Nadia Sawalha admonished Carol: “I don’t think you can sit there saying no when I can smell yours from here and it’s making me feel sick!”

Loose Women

Carol replied, “This would be my last meal, honestly” and lifted from under the desk a plate loaded with mash, sardines and peas.

She explained: “This is my meal of choice. It’s instant mash. It’s got to be instant. I don’t want none of that fresh stuff. Sardines out of a tin, and peas. The mushier the better. And ketchup. There’s not enough ketchup on there. I want more ketchup and I want to mix it all up in a bowl.”

Urgh! Despite saying she loved it, Carol wouldn’t eat it because it was cold and would give her “horrible indigestion”.

Loose Women

Nadia then said: “One of mine, I have many, is peas in salad cream. But I actually have it in a bowl. So I fill the bowl with salad cream and then put the peas in. This is a tinned pea. I like a frozen petit pois.”

Fans of the show weren’t too weirded out by Nadia’s food combo.

Loose Women

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “I do love peas and salad cream, though. Salad cream with anything is good.”

Someone else said: “Peas and salad cream or mayo are great!”

A third admitted: “The peas and Salad cream actually sounds quite nice.”

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