Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha opens up about alcoholic husband

They both reveal the ongoing "struggles"

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She’s never been one to shy away from the truth, but Nadia Sawalha has got explicit about her marriage.

The Loose Women presenter opened up in a 14-minute video called A Conversation on Alcoholism and Addiction, which was posted on YouTube by Nadia and Kaye Adams.

The tell-all interview was conducted by her pal Kaye, who is also on the panel of the ITV daytime talk-show.

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Nadia’s husband Mark Adderley spoke about how his drinking problem affected the first years of their marriage.

They both recalled moments where Mark would drink constantly and he even had his own daughter find him passed out on the sofa.

Nadia and Mark have been married since 2002 and wanted to share the details of alcoholism.

Mark said that he finds the festive period a real “struggle” and that actually “every day is a struggle”, despite being sober for some time now.

“It is exhausting. I always say to Nadia and the girls, ‘Look you’re all finding me irritating now, you can all walk through that door and leave me, I can’t, I have to stay in the same b****y room as me,'” said Mark.

Kaye asks: “So when did you realise that Mark was a real drinker?”

Nadia replied: “Well, I mean, it’s better to just say the word isn’t it? An alcoholic.

“I always knew he was a real drinker, because I’m a drinker and I enjoy my drink.”

They used to party hard when they were younger but blended in because everybody else drank too.

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Nadia also reveals in the video that she nearly left Mark when he wouldn’t get help.

After things got “chaotic” he then checked into the Priory in an attempt to get sober.

“When he went into the Priory and I had to sit in a group and everyone would recognise me off the telly and we’d have to sit there and tell everyone what had happened as part of the alcoholic state, and people would sit there looking at you,” Nadia said.

Talking about his regrets he said: “I wish that Maddy hadn’t had been a babe in arms for the first two years when I was really chaotic and all over the place, as I didn’t enjoy the first few years of Maddy and I know it was really difficult for Nadia.

“So the best reason is Nadia and the kids and that’s what works for me.”

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