Loose Women’s Linda Robson reveals embarrassing train accident

Linda tells how she was caught unawares

Linda Robson shocked viewers on today’s Loose Women when she revealed an embarrassing moment on a train.

The TV star was telling her fellow panellists how she and Andrea McLean were on the way back from filming in Manchester, and Linda went to use the toilet on board.

“I go in there, pressed all the buttons and locked all the doors and sat on the toilet seat,” she said.

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“It kept going, ‘Door is not locked’, so mid-stream I jumped up, panicked, went to press the lock on the door, pressed ‘open’,  and the door opened.

“I had my knickers around my ankles, the ticket man standing there with his hands over his face, laughing,” revealed Linda, adding that there was “mess all over the floor”.

“So I then had to go back, sort myself out, pull my trousers up and go back to my seat. Andrea and the Loose Women team had heard and seen everything. Poor ticket man!”

Janet Street Porter shouted:  “How could you be so stupid to not see the big, red pulsating sign?”

Linda replied that there was a fault in the toilet’s electronics, and Janet quipped, “There’s a fault in your brain!”

Coleen Nolan added: “I’m actually hot with embarrassment.”

Viewers loved the story. “Made me laugh Linda lol,” wrote one viewer.

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Added another:  “Thank you linda I almost wet myself laughing,”

“So funny can’t stop laughing thanks for sharing your embarrassing toilet moment,” wrote a third viewer.

And a further person added. “Traumatised, the very thought of seeing Linda Robson’s nether regions on a train. Not good.”

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