Loose Women’s Body Stories are back, but this time it’s the men baring all

Shayne Ward, David Ginola and Robbie Savage are among those taking part

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The Loose Women are back with their hugely successful Body Stories campaign.

This time however, it’s the men getting their kit off.

Men can also feel pressure to obtain the ‘perfect’ body, and some male celebs are using the campaign to bring more attention to the unhealthy expectations they can face.

Loose Women announced the return of their Body Stories campaign on Twitter. (Credit: Twitter)

Each of the men in the campaign are sharing their personal stories on body issues and have spoken to the Loose Women website about it.

Former international footballer David Ginola is speaking out about his terrifying heart attack last year, which he claims has changed his attitude to body image.

He says: ”After what’s happened to me I want to do something positive with my life, help other men take a look at their body and their health, and this campaign is helping with those things.

The first Body Stories campaign saw the Loose Women themselves stripping off to promote body confidence

David adds: “The shoot says to men – you don’t need to be ashamed of talking about your body. I think we should all be proud of ourselves.”

Also getting involved is another former footballer, Robbie Savage, who shares the challenges with body confidence he faced as an athlete.

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Robbie says: “I was eight and a half stone. And as a footballer, as an athlete, when you’re getting changed with all these guys who are ripped, who look great, I was the skinny one and I was very uncomfortable.

He adds: “I just want people out there to embrace themselves and think no matter what shape and size you’ve got to be happy.

“I’ve got to a point now where I am happy and content.”

Coronation Street star Shayne Ward has also stripped off for the worthy cause.

Shayne Ward is also promoting body positivity as part of the campaign.

He is sharing his stories of the horrific online abuse he faces from trolls, and also raises the point that friendly banter, especially between men, can cut deep.

“Hopefully this campaign will give men the confidence to talk about body confidence issues, because a lot of it is thrown away as banter; “Ah you’ve got a bit of a belly,” “So have you mate.”

“And then it’s done, but actually, once that conversation stops and someone starts to talk about something else, you’re left with that, thinking, actually I do feel like I’ve put on a bit of weight.

“This campaign is going to be brilliant for that.”

The other celebs involved are former heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno, TV doctor Ranj Singh, TV judge Robert Rinder and Strictly judge Bruno Tonioli.

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The campaign is being praised by Samaritans for encouraging men to ‘show their vulnerability and open up’.

CEO Ruth Sutherland says: “We welcome Loose Women’s Body Stories campaign to help more men see that it’s a strength, not a weakness, to talk if you’re unhappy, and we support the body positive message.”

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