Loose Women’s Andrea McLean reveals her near-death experience

The trauma happened after Andrea suffered complications having her daughter Amy

Andrea McLean has revealed all about a near-death experience she had in 2011, during an operation that she had after giving birth to her daughter Amy.

The procedure was intended to ‘pull everything together’ after her stomach had expanded during pregnancy.

“I had this operation where I was cut open from my breast bone to my pubic bone and hip to hip and they pulled everything together on the inside,” she told The Sun TV mag.

“When I came round I suddenly went into what I can only assume was anaphylactic shock.”

Dressing up as Cher for a special Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Andrea, 47, had the operation after her stomach expanded so far in pregnancy that her muscles didn’t come back together again.

And what happened next was absolutely terrifying.

Andrea’s experience sounds terrifying (Credit: ITV)

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“It was like I was trying to breathe through a straw that had a hole in it,” she added. “I have no idea what happened next. I just slumped.

“The next thing I knew was feeling cold drugs going into my arm.

“Then I started to come round again. My whole head swelled and my nose looked like WC Fields.”

The presenters refused to be airbrushed and all looked incredible (Credit: ITV)

Andrea recently joined the other Loose Women in a shoot to promote body confidence where the presenters refused to be airbrushed and posed in their underwear.

She admits that stripping off was terrifying but worth it for the impact it would have on other women.

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“I got on a train the other day and a woman said very discreetly as she passed: ‘You’re all awesome’,” she revealed. “That was the first female feedback I had, and I could see how much it meant to her.”

Ready for some more female feedback, Andrea? We think you look HOT.

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