Loose Women surprise Corrie’s Beverley Callard with family reunion

The star was celebrating her 60th birthday

Coronation Street star Beverley Callard was in for a treat on today’s Loose Women.

The star was given a surprise party in honour of her 60th birthday (doesn’t she look amazing?), and was presented with her own tiara to wear throughout the show.

The Loose ladies, Andrea McLean, Linda Robson, Anne Diamond, and Nadia Sawalha, had plenty more surprises up their sleeves as well as they showed her a video of birthday wishes.

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Beverley has played Rovers landlady Liz McDonald on and off since 1989. She came into the show alongside husband Jim (Charles Lawson) and sons Steve (Simon Gregson) and Andy (Nicholas Cochrane).

And the McDonald family all got involved in her birthday celebrations on the show.

Simon and Nicholas sent a sweet video message to their TV mum.

And then Charles came out with a cake shaped like the Rovers!

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“Oh my god, I’m going to cry!” Beverley said as she welled up. She had no idea Charles was in the studio as he appeared on the stage.

As the pair reminisced about old times and shared some hilarious stories, Bev also opened up about turning 60 after receiving champagne served by Joe Swash!

“I loved turning 40 and then 50, but this hit me with a shock. I forgot I was going to be 60.

“When I woke up on my birthday I was really emotional. It’s that feeling of knowing you’re more than halfway, I’m not going to live to be 120.

“I just kept crying all day, but happy tears, not sad tears. It was just a weird feeling.”

She revealed she had spent her actual big day with close friends and family, and her 84-year-old mother-in-law Crystal downed jaeger bombs!

Glad to hear she celebrated in style!