Loose Women shock as guest explains son asked if he was a rape baby

Sammy was victim of notorious Rotherham grooming gang

There were sighs from the audience at Loose Women today as the panel interviewed a victim of the notorious Rotherham grooming ring.

Quietly-spoken Sammy Woodhouse was targeted by 24-year-old leader Arshid Hussain when she was just 14.

Sammy, now 31, has waived her anonymity as she calls for herself and other child victims to be given pardons for crimes they committed after being brainwashed by their groomers.

She said: “I’m asking for a royal pardon for myself and all the survivors, we need our criminal records wiped.

“I’m 31 years old and I still have a criminal record from being groomed as a child. I feel like they are still blaming me.

“I know there are a lot of survivors out there who would come forward but are scared they will be prosecuted.”

Sammy has admitted to a catalogue of law-breaking incidents.

She added: “When you look at the list of crimes, I sound evil, but I am a good person.”

The Loose Women listened intently as Sammy explained how she gave birth to her abuser’s son when she was 15.

Since the stories about her have been made public, the mum has faced some tough questions from her child.

“I remember when it came out and I’ve had to tell him things.

“He asked, ‘Mum, am I a rape baby?’

“I took his hand, and said, ‘No you’re not, you’re my baby.’ “And he is, he’s a bloody pain, but I love him.”

In previous interviews, Sammy has spoken of her experience with Hussain, known as Mad Ash.

“I was totally controlled and brainwashed by my abuser. He treated me like a rag doll and beat me daily. The only person to blame is him.

“There’s times when I still feel angry at him. There’s times when I want to cry. And then there’s times that I will always love him, because he gave me my son.”

He is now locked up and was one of three brothers behind the grooming and sexual abuse of more than 50 girls.