Loose Women panellists disgusted by Janet Street Porter’s ‘support’ for paedophiles

Discussion about their right to have kids became extremely heated

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Things got VERY heated on Loose Women today, when the panel discussed whether serving criminals should be allowed to find love.

When Ruth Langsford asked the women how they felt about criminals being able to find love after they have served their sentence, things took an argumentative turn.

Janet quipped: “Can we stop prisoners having rights? I don’t think so. That’s the law!”

However, she was quickly challenged by Penny Lancaster and Martine McCutcheon who insisted that child sex offenders should be stripped of the right to have kids of their own.

Janet shocked the room when she backed the criminals’ corner.

She said: “What do you wanna do? Castrate them?”

Penny was persistent, she said: “If you’ve taken someone else’s life, then you don’t deserve rights,” this stirred Janet even more.

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The journalist hit back: “I think that’s outrageous! If they’ve served their sentence, they’ve served their sentence. We’re talking about people deserving to love again.”

Martine sided with Penny, which angered Janet even more, she slammed: “Are you saying we should go back to the Middle Ages? Stick them in the stocks and rip their fingernails out?”

Martine agreed, she claimed punishments for criminals do not suit the crimes they have committed.

But Janet was furious, saying Penny’s comments belonged to a Nazi: “You are sounding like someone in Hitler’s Germany, who wanted to control people’s breeding patterns.”

Penny agreed, and Martine, who has often spoken about her abusive childhood, said: “I agree at the end of the day if you have taken someone’s life or robbed them of their childhood, you don’t deserve to have all the pleasures life can give you.

“The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.”

Janet blasted: “I didn’t think I was sitting on The Jeremy Kyle Show!”

The women continued to argue, until Ruth Langsford stepped in and tried to steer the conversation in a different direction.

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Janet was not happy

As everyone calmed down, Janet said: “Once they have served their sentence, you can’t continue to punish them.”

Ruth agreed, saying: “I don’t think people should be told they are not allowed to fall in love again.

“We can’t have pick and mix democracy. We have one set of laws.”

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