Loose Women admit they fear for Coleen Nolan in CBB house

The panellists are worried she won't be able to cope with the scrutiny

The Loose Women panel have admitted they are worried about their co-star Coleen Nolan as she takes part in Celebrity Big Brother.

Ruth Langsford, Linda Robson, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore confessed they had no idea Coleen was entering the house.

The Nolan sister has recently revealed she’s going through a rough patch with husband Ray Fensome but they are trying to work through their issues.

But last night she entered the mad house without her wedding ring.

Jane said: “I must say I was surprised.

“Leading up to Christmas she was talking about her and Ray and it not being okay.

“She is vulnerable at the minute – it was the older show before, it was more relaxing. It’s not like that anymore, it is high octane.”

Ruth added: “I hope she has someone to talk to and confide in, because you get no privacy in there.

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“Maybe she’s gone in to think things through.”

Nadia, who has also been on the Channel 5 show before, confessed she was offered money to return but turned the offer down.

Now, she is worried about her pal being under scrutiny while going through relationship issues.

She said: “They isolate you for 36 hours, and then send you out and everything becomes very serious.

“You’re in a goldfish bowl, with extreme lights on you 24/7.

“When you feel like you’re going crazy, they take you into a white room and tell you you’re not crazy.

“I worry with all the stuff going on it’s too magnified for her. It will be tough for her.”

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Coleen previously said she and Ray could be splitting after he admitted to her he no longer finds her attractive.

She told The Mirror: “We’re going to do a lot of talking over the next couple of weeks, but if we can’t fix it then I want us to have counselling.”

She added: “It was tough to hear, but I’d asked him for the truth and sometimes the truth bloody hurts.”

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