Louise Redknapp reveals Jamie has been visiting during lockdown

"No one wants me," she said

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Louise Redknapp has revealed she feels ‘lonely’ during lockdown and her ex Jamie has been visiting.

She made the startling admission on an Instagram live with fans.

In the middle of it, ex-husband Jamie arrives to drop off an Xbox for their children.

Louise Redknapp said Jamie has been visiting during lockdown (Credit:

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Louise’s visits from Jamie

Fans could hear the bell ringing.

On Wednesday, Jamie went to the house to deliver a burger he had made for their son.

But he was back the following day to deliver the Xbox.

Louise and Jamie have two children together – Beau, 11, and Charles, 15.

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Louise has been posting throughout lockdown.

She shared with fans that she  had “always taken the NHS for granted” and gave them a peek into her home workout regime.

The longer it goes on the more we panic about jobs and for me it can be quite lonely.

“I’m here and it’s great with the kids but I’m used to going out working and being creative, so it’s tough,” she said on the livestream.

“I think it feels like it’s being going on for a long time now and I think the longer it goes on the more we panic about jobs and for me it can be quite lonely.”

However, fans asked Louise if she was dating anyone new.

Responding, she claimed that no one “wanted” her.

Isolating in lockdown

Louise is self-isolating with her friend Louis Shaw.

But when asked if she was dating, she held her dog up to the camera and gave him a kiss.

“No I’m not dating. No one seems to want me. I’m happy – this is my new boyfriend,” she joked.

Afterwards, she asked for a fan’s credentials when he offered himself as a potential date.

Dogs are man’s best friend – but we are sure you have plenty of admirers, Louise.

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