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Lockdown update: Cafes, pubs and restaurants could start trading within weeks

These changes could be implemented in a matter of weeks.

According to a new report certain lockdown measures will be eased soon.

Cafes, pubs and restaurants could sell goods from street stalls within weeks.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, cafes, pubs and restaurants are currently closed throughout the UK.

According to The Times, food and drink stalls will be allowed.

The efforts will be an attempt to save the high street and the hospitality industry.

The report even says small weddings could be soon permitted.

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‘Gradually ease the lockdown’

It includes: “Cafes, pubs and restaurants would be allowed to sell food and drink from street stalls within weeks.

“And small church weddings could take place from July, under plans being considered by ministers to gradually ease the lockdown.”

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And customers may even be permitted to eat and drink in these public spaces.

The report continues: “Ministers are even considering a ‘blanket permission’ for restaurants and cafes to make use of public squares or pedestrianised streets above a certain width for stalls or chairs and tables once customers are allowed to eat on their premises again and where the furniture would not block routes for disabled people.”

The closure of pubs and restaurants has resulted in tens of thousands of workers losing their jobs.

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Cafes and pubs could be back in business soon (Image credit:

Millions of jobs at stake

Pre-lockdown the UK hospitality industry employed an estimated 3.2 million people.

Although some eating and drinking establishments have offered delivery services, many have been forced to close permanently.

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The Prime Minister is apparently in favour of these plans, and hopes it will help boost the flailing economy.

The article adds: “Boris Johnson is also understood to favour proposals to temporarily relax Sunday trading laws to help boost the economy and allow more time for key workers to shop while social distancing is in place.”

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Dining and shopping outside could soon be the new normal (Credit:

Lockdown rules were altered this week, but to much confusion.

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Dominic Raab said: “If you can work from home you should continue to do so but there are vital sectors of the economy like manufacturers and construction, where people can’t do their job from home, so we are saying to them they should now, from Wednesday, go back to work.”

Many workers were left uncertain whether they should return to their places of work, or remain at home.

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