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Lockdown end date set for ‘Good Friday at the earliest’ after Britain suffers deadliest day

Comes after news Britain has world's highest COVID death rate

The lockdown end date reportedly won’t be set till “Good Friday at the earliest”, it has been claimed.

The news comes after Britain suffered its deadliest day since the pandemic began yesterday (January 19).

Some 1,610 new coronavirus deaths were announced as vaccination rates also took a tumble.

As such, Easter weekend – which begins on Friday April 2 – is now being touted as the earliest date England’s third lockdown could end.

boris johnson wearing a mask
Boris Johnson is working towards Good Friday as a potential date when lockdown will be eased (Credit: Splash News)

What is the lockdown end date?

Lockdown doesn’t really have an end date as yet. It is set to be reviewed mid-way through February.

However, ministers have apparently been warned that there’s unlikely to be any relaxation of the rules agreed then.

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Instead, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to be considering Good Friday as the earliest date that restrictions will start to lift.

He has apparently started “top secret” planning that’ll enable millions of families to meet in the flesh over Easter.

covid vaccination lifestyle shot
Any lockdown end date will be dependant on the success of the vaccine roll-out (Credit: Pexels)

However, this is of course dependent on the vaccine roll-out, with fears that reaching Government targets will be “very tight”.

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In fact, some MP have said that heavy restrictions could now remain in place until May or even June.

The news will surely come as a blow to many who haven’t seen their families since before Christmas.

woman with a cold in a dressing gown
Britain now has the highest COVID death rate in the world (Credit: Pexels)

Highest death rate in the world

It comes after the grim revelation that Britain now has the highest coronavirus death rate in the world, with almost double the victims of a fortnight ago.

The mood was very much about things happening later in the spring rather than early on. Beyond Easter is certainly possible.

However, infection rates are down – thought to be a clear sign that the lockdown is working.

Up in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has extended lockdown till mid-February.

Cases have flattened off there too.

However, she’s “cautious” and needs more evidence the pandemic is on a “downward trajectory”.

‘Too soon to start talking about when’ it’ll lift

A source close to the PM told The Sun: “It’s way too soon to start talking about when, but the work is being done quietly on the how.”

It’s thought that over Easter Brits could perhaps meet their loved ones outside.

The source added of the ministerial meeting: “The mood was very much about things happening later in the spring rather than early on. Beyond Easter is certainly possible.

“We don’t even know what the benchmark will be. It seems unlikely that vaccinating the over-70s will be enough.”

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