Lloyds Bank advert

Lloyds Bank advert divides viewers as it features cover of Karen Carpenter classic

Karen Carpenter fans aren't impressed with the Lloyds ad

Lloyds Bank has come under fire for its latest advert as it featured a cover of one of Karen Carpenter’s classic tunes.

The bank features a cover of Karen’s song We’ve Only Just Begun.

The song was first released by the Carpenters in 1970.

Lyrics to this song are particularly poignant, as Karen passed away in 1983.

lloyds karen carpenter
A stunning black horse is featured in the divisive ad (Credit: YouTube/Lloyds)

How did viewers react to the Lloyds Bank advert?

She died of complications from anorexia aged just 32.

Lloyds has unveiled its high budget ad, that features Brits across the nation admiring the iconic black horse.

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The horse gallops across fields as working folk and tourists stop to admire its majestic qualities.

While some viewers praised the ad’s beauty, others slated it.

Karen Carpenter aficionados are angry that they didn’t include her original cover.

lloyds ad twitter
Twitter viewers are divided by the ad (Credit: YouTube/Lloyds)

Why are some Karen Carpenter fans upset?

Instead it features a cover by Bat For Lashes.

Dozens took to Twitter to vent their views on the ad.

One viewer fumed with: “That awful version of We’ve Only Just Begun on the Lloyds Bank advert is an affront to Karen Carpenter.”

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Another viewer argued: “Lloyds Bank you’ve made a bad move by covering Karen Carpenter’s We’ve only Just Begun in your advert. Only she could sing this in the mood and melody it was supposed to be sung in.”

lloyds ad horse karen carpenter
The ad shows Brits on the move observing the horse (Credit: YouTube/Lloyds)

Viewers slam the Lloyds Bank advert

And a third viewer claimed: “Indeed, I am sick and tired of these lazy, inadequate cover versions constantly being churned out now by the ad agencies. This horrific version of a classic is particularly offensive.”

However, other viewers were angered by the message behind the ad.

The ad is captioned with: “By the side of a nation that never stands still.”

Whereas several commenters argued that many Brits are being forced to stand still due to lockdown.

karen carpenter 1970
Karen performing We’ve Only Just Begun in 1970 (Credit: YouTube)

Or they have been made redundant or furloughed during these troubling economic times.

One viewer declared: “Not an appropriate metaphor mid-pandemic. The nation is standing still.”

While a second Twitter user argued: “Unless there’s a lock down then it kind of stands still.”

Despite the criticism there are still fans of the ad.

One Karen Carpenter fan argued that even though it is a cover – it will introduce a new generation to The Carpenters music.

They claimed: “Am all for ‘protecting’ originals but that version is always there and right now some parents will be scoffing at that ad and showing their kids the original and we’re off to the races.”

Others were pleased with the stunning horse and it even brought them to tears.

karen carpenter
Karen Carptener died just aged 32 (Credit: Shutterstock)

A particularly enamoured viewer claimed: “Stop making me cry!!! I love your adverts, I don’t bank with you, but God I love your adverts so much!!!

“I blub like a child when I see them – It’s like you could see inside my head as a pony mad kid!”

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