Little Tiffany Butcher’s back in EastEnders – and she’s pregnant?!

How did she grow up so fast?

Remember cute, freckle-faced, trouble-maker Tiffany Butcher in EastEnders?

Well she’s back on the Square next week – all grown up and about to cause more problems for big sis Whitney!

Tiffany rocks up without warning and arrives on Whitney’s doorstep, much to the surprise of her older sister.

Tiffany turns up unannounced (Credit: BBC)

And the teen’s arrival comes at a really bad time for poor Whit who’s just starting to sort her life out after a pretty shocking year.

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Having lost her job at the Queen Vic, Whitney’s decided to go back to her T-shirt business (remember that one?).

She finds out there’s an opportunity to grow the business – up in Yorkshire.

Tiffany looks very different from when she first arrived in Albert Square (Credit: BBC)

So she makes the decision to leave Walford and head up north – just as Tiff arrives and scuppers all Whitney’s plans.

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Tiff’s full of beans but it’s clear something’s up (Credit: BBC)

Tiffany’s acting bright and breezy, but it’s clear something’s up and Whitney’s determined to find out why she’s so desperate to stay in Walford.

Tiffany doesn’t want Whitney to leave (Credit: BBC)

When Tiff takes drastic action to ensure Whit doesn’t leave, her big sister gets on the case to find out what’s going on and whether mum Bianca knows where Tiffany is hiding out.

Whitney finds a pregnancy test! (Credit: BBC)

But she gets a huge shock when she discovers a pregnancy test! She confronts the teenager about it – but what will Tiffany say?

Is she pregnant? Or is she hiding another big secret?

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