Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson debuts most extreme new look yet

She's a celebrity chameleon

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Once upon a time, it was 80s/90s superstar Madonna who was the queen of transformations.

One week she’d look like a virgin, the next, er, she wouldn’t.

But now in 2017, it would appear that Little Mix star Jesy Nelson is the pop songstress who is constantly surprising us with her amazing new looks.

If it’s not her sassy attire, it’s her immaculately applied make up that sends us and her fans into a spin of delight.

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And over the weekend, it was no different as the stylish young miss was happily flaunting her most extreme look yet that had us all talking.

The svelte starlet was appearing with her bandmates at Capital’s Summertime Ball and caused a sensation in a stunning outfit (below).

At first glance her high-waisted jeans and white lace-up top combo might not look all that spectacular.

But when you peek a little closer, you’ll see that she has pulled off a masterpiece.

Yes, look at that toned waist and you can see that her jeans are literally hanging off her!

She’s either getting slimmer by the minute or she’s slipped on her boyfriend’s jeans by mistake, because they look like they are a size too large.

But the one question on our mind is, how on earth has she managed to keep them up?

Has she stapled them to her body? Is she wearing some kind of sticky tape that keeps them from hitting the floor?

Who knows? All we can say is she looks utterly stunning.

But that wasn’t all. The Little Mixer also used the Summertime Ball to showcase yet another stunning new hair colour.

This time – a week after she went blonde at Radio 1’s Big Weekend – she debuted a head full of pastel pink locks.

And as you can imagine her fans were beside themselves with joy!

“Your hair is amazing,” one fan gushed.

“The pink hair is slaying me,” another giddily added.

Meanwhile, concern has grown over a mystery black smudge Jesy was seen sporting on her pancake flat tum in a recent upload.

Fans noticed the strange blemish on a pic on Instagram last month and asked Jesy what it was – though Jesy is yet to put her concerned fans’ minds at ease.

However, many think it could just be a trick of the light.

Of course, Jesy is no stranger to posting pictures of herself and – as vain as it may seem – you can see why she is hooked.

No sooner has she posted a stunner of a pic of herself and her fans will hurriedly reassure her that she is one fine looking lady.

When she posted the image below at the Radio 1 Big Weekend last week fans couldn’t contain themselves.

One fan gasped,  “I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR HAIR JESY!!!!!!” while another squealed, “Honestly what look does Jesy not suit?”

When she was in Vienna and posted a pic of herself in a bra top and snug-fitting jeans, fans went off the scale about her stunning looks.

“HOW DO YOU EVEN GET TO THIS LEVEL OF BEAUTY?!?!?!?” one fan squealed before, no doubt, having a lie down in a dark room.

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What a lucky girl Jesy is. A fan base who spend all their waking hours telling her how gorgeous she is.

Maybe we can borrow them.

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