Little Mix star has fans in hysterics at bizarre spelling mistake

A right mix-up

Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson must have missed some French lessons back in her schooldays.

The singer took to Instagram recently to show off her cooking skills, and made a very embarrassing slip.

After whipping up a batch of (admittedly very tasty looking) fajitas, the star attempted to caption the image with the commonly-used French term “voilà” – meaning, as we all know, “there it is”.

Unfortunately for Jesy, she’d gone for a rather phonetic way of spelling the term, and ended up typing “wallah”.

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Of course, the internet went crazy, with fans taking to Twitter to vent their opinions on the matter.

One said: “If jesy nelson says ‘wallah’ instead of ‘voila!’ then we’ve been saying the word wrong and she’s right”.

Another commented: “Obsessed with Jesy Nelson thinking ‘voila’ is spelt ‘wallah'”.

And a third wrote: “First the iconique #Balengdeh now #wallah. I love you, Jesy Nelson. Queen of linguistics”.

The last commenter was referring to another bizarre social media incident involving Jesy, from several years ago.

She was taking part in a challenge, with her bandmates, to take on different accents, and her card asked her to tackle a Jamaican voice.

She paused a moment, then made a truly bizarre noise that fans dubbed “Balengdeh”.

If Jesy’s main goal in life is to be fuel for memes forever more, then she’s definitely going the right way about it!

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Regardless of your opinions about her spelling, though, there’s one thing nobody can argue with.

Jesy puts together a mean spread – those fajitas looked, er, magnifique!

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